Colour Clash: Red Ravagers Declare War on Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – In the midst of several wars, the Red Ravagers have (re)issued a declaration of war towards the Silver Empire. What were the motivations behind reviving a nearly six-month dead conflict? What do the Ravagers hope to get out of this? 

Previously, on April 23rd of this year, the Red Ravagers issued a declaration of war on Silver Empire – a single day after the Help Force declared war. Initially, the war declaration seemed to be due to allegations regarding troop-stealing. Troop-stealing is the act of inviting troops from one army into another, usually done maliciously. After a week of the Ravagers’ scheduling battles and the Silvers avoiding them, the war was “ended” and Red Ravagers crowned themselves the victors.

More recently, on October 22nd, Ravagers’ leader BoMoBuddy released a post entitled “Declaration of War Against the Silver Empire,” – and it is exactly what it sounds like. After six months, the Ravagers have reissued their declaration and plan to fight the Silver Empire once more. They claim that this time they “will not stop until the Silver Empire has been defeated, once and for all” – indicating further action will be taken this time around. As for reasoning, the post states that despite the conflict ending, Silver Empire have allegedly spoken ill of the Red Ravagers. Their war terms can also be read below.

1. Allies and Dual Enlists are allowed
2. Any evidence of multilogging, botting, Doxxing, DDoSing, harassment or any other means of an unfair advantage are strictly prohibited. This will result in an instant defeat of the aggressor in the battles where said evidence would be found.
3. All battles must be judged by [League] officiated judges that overall are neutral. Any instance of tampering with the decisions will result in an automatic defeat for the army that tried it.
4. All invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with option of scheduling up to two invasions at the time, and the planner of said invasions must notify the defending army’s leaders.
5. No toxic tactics (attacking someone’s race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)
6. No army can merge into RR nor SE after this declaration (until this war is over) and the merger will be deemed invalid. On the other hand, said armies cannot merge into another army nor rebrand.
7. The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning side.
8. All rules regarding [League] invasions and defenses apply to this war.

~ “Declaration of War Against the Silver Empire”

As of right now, Silver Empire has not published any sort of response to the declaration on their website or server. However, to find out more CPAHQ reached out to both Silver Empire and Red Ravagers for their thoughts on the war as a whole, and any potential plans they might have. Unfortunately, Silver Empire didn’t want to give a statement.

BoMoBuddy, Red Ravagers Leader: The war was simply long coming. Even after the war 6 months ago, the Silver Empire still continued to disrespect and insult us. Seeing there was a server map, we saw our opportunity to show them who exactly we are, and decided to take it. Now they no longer have the option of using the pitiful “no server map” excuse. If they want any sort of a chance for survival, those cowards will come and face us. They can’t hide away in a corner anymore, because we will take all that they have, otherwise. They will be forced to acknowledge their wrongdoings, and come to suffer from them. The Vengeance alliance will show them what all they deserve.

As we can see, the Red Ravagers seem incredibly motivated for their war. Hopefully Silver Empire feel just as ready as their opponent; good luck to both armies! CP Army Headquarters will keep you updated with this conflict very soon!






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