Silver Onslaught: Red Ravagers Declare War, Golden Troops Condemn Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Approximately a day after the Help Force declared war on the Silver Empire, the Red Ravagers followed suit.

At approximately 3:10 AM EST, the Red Ravagers declared war on the Silver Empire, in a lengthy post detailed with screenshots. The declaration was titled: “Silver Snakes: Declaration of War on Silver Empire“(click HERE to read). RR presents various screenshots to back up the claims of SE troop stealing, just like the Help Force did previously.

There were more claims regarding the Silver Empire breaking the integrity of the former Beep Beep Alliance which consisted of the Golden TroopsFighter Pilots, RR, and SE. The Ravagers declared that the Silver Empire used BBA in order to simply increase their own max. However, when SE were asked to help other armies in the BBA, they did not come, as shown in the screenshot provided:

Silver Empire Leader stating why they can’t attend the alliance event.

Furthermore, RR included an expose of the Silver Empire belittling RR’s allies in the SE Discord server. The Ravagers ended their war declaration with a list of terms for the war, stating that they will keep the war going until the Silvers apologize to the army community for their ‘wrongdoings’. Like HF, RR also required the removal of Comedy from her rank to end the war. A full list of terms can be viewed in the screenshot below:

Terms of the war

CPAHQ reached out to Neha of the Red Ravagers and Amber of the Silver Empire to find more information about this war. Unfortunately, Amber was unable to respond about the war.  Her response will be edited in when possible.

Neha: well, it’s been a long time coming. We never wanted to start anything but it has been building up for months. I really hope the rest of the community can see what type of people SE are really like.

This same day, the Golden Troops released a post supporting the claims made by the Reds, which can be viewed HERE. In addition to not attending allied events, they state that the Silver Empire demoted Rach, who is currently leading GT, in an unjust manner.  GT did not officially declare war on the Silvers, but they offered to help RR during their wartime efforts however they can:

To finish this off, I will once again say that the Golden Troops offer their full support to our brother allies, the Red Ravagers and will help them in any way possible throughout their war against the Silver Empire.

As of now, there are 2 armies that declared war on the Silver Empire. The Red Ravagers have not included any threats to the Silver Empire regarding “escaping” the war. However, it is possible that if the Silvers do not fight back, RR will begin to raid their events, as HF stated in their own declaration.


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