AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Group Stage Week 1 Results

Battles have raged on throughout the weekend following a start to the AUSIA Arena Summer Edition group stage. With 8 armies clashing for the top spot in their respective groups, 4 armies became victors in a number of exhilarating matches.

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Following the conclusion of the qualifier round on April 30th, the Magenta Block and Shadow Block underwent the first matchups of the group stage. Four battles took place throughout Saturday and Sunday. The first day of battles featured the Napalm Corps against the Army of Club Penguin, as well as Help Force facing the Penguins of Madagascar. Both matches were highly anticipated, despite lop-sided odds. On Sunday, a clash between Special Weapons and Tactics and Dark Vikings sparked interest due to strong results from both armies in recent months. The first week of the group stage concluded with Water Vikings taking on the People’s Imperial Confederation, promising a much more foreseeable outcome.

Help Force vs. Penguins Of Madagascar

The group stage began with an invigorating battle that played out competitively despite predictions for a one-sided match. In spite of a lower size, Penguins of Madagascar demonstrated considerable strength while challenging Help Force. Although the last two rooms were deemed to be close, Help Force managed to secure a 3-0-0 victory largely due to a significant size difference, becoming the first winners of the Shadow Block.

Winner – Help Force

Napalm Corps vs. Army Of Club Penguin

Saturday concluded with what seemed to be a David versus Goliath matchup, featuring Napalm Corps’ first proper tournament battle. With a monstrous showing of 35 troops by the Army of Club Penguin, the Corps had little room to find success. The subsequent clash resulted in a 3-0-0 win for the Clovers, despite the tenacity and willpower of their foe.

Winner – Army of Club Penguin

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Dark Vikings

An incredibly close battle ensued on Sunday’s eve, with the Dark Vikings facing off against Special Weapons and Tactics. Both armies exerted similar sizes, though the Agents narrowly bested the Vikings in troop count for most of the showdown. Though the two armies matched each other considerably, SWAT’s speed secured them a victory in the first room. The subsequent two rooms each resulted in ties, leading to a 1-2-0 win for Special Weapons and Tactics.

Winner – Special Weapons and Tactics

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Water Vikings

Week 1 of the group stage finished off with a clash that was reminiscent of Saturday’s second conflict. The Water Vikings boasted an impressive size of 28 penguins online, towering over the Confederation’s smaller turnout. The People’s Imperial Confederation managed to maintain their composure throughout the battle, albeit not enough to take down their stronger opponent. This battle summarily led to a 3-0-0 victory for the Vikings due to their greater speed and troop attendance.

Winner – Water Vikings

After the first matchups of the group stage, four victors have been crowned in their respective battles. The Help Force, Army of Club Penguin, and Water Vikings swept through the weekend without losing a single room. Furthermore, a close encounter secured a win for the Special Weapons and Tactics. With week 2 now on the horizon, armies will begin preparing for their second round of clashes. Which armies will continue their winning streak? Will the underdogs manage to produce upset victories? We wish good luck to all AUSIA Arena participants in the coming week.

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