‘War of Conquest’ Concludes as Treaty is Signed

Over the past two weeks, Special Weapons And Tactics and Penguins of Madagascar have fought battle after battle to cement a lead in the War of Conquest. Now that the Agents have taken charge, the two have agreed upon a ceasefire.

On March 19, 2023, the Penguins of Madagascar sent shockwaves through the community as they declared war on Special Weapons And Tactics. Since the former’s inception, the two have been at each other’s throats due to troop-stealing allegations towards leaders Rye Bread and Logical. After a ferocious first week, the two armies were seemingly evenly matched. Even after another four days, neither army had the other outgunned. Fortunately, neither side has shown any fatigue and is just as ready to win as last week.

Battle of Sanctum of Penguins

Both armies headed to the Penguins of Madagascar’s Sanctum of Penguins to kick off the battles. With the Agents reaching 18 compared to their opponent’s 11, they quickly started dominating the battlefield. Throughout the rooms, the size advantage quickly shrunk, and the Penguins of Madagascar were able to catch up. On top of the sizes, SWAT was also faster, but they slowed towards the second half of the battle. With the Agents slowing down towards the third room, the Penguins of Madagascar were able to capitalize and take the room, but unfortunately lost Sanctum of Penguins with a 2-1 defeat.

Picture from the battle

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

Tea Time

With Special Weapons And Tactics successfully invading the previous server, Sanctum of Penguins, the army was looking to capitalize on their last win. Both armies logged on and met in the Forest. Unfortunately, the victory was given automatically to the Agents because the Penguins of Madagascar failed to reach the ten penguin minimum for a successful defense, and Special Weapons And Tactics successfully invaded Tea.

Picture from the battle

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

Battle of Moscow

The Battle of Moscow started with the Penguins of Madagascar entering room one first. Both armies struggled to make their formation but eventually got there, and the Penguins of Madagascar were able to cover the Agents. Throughout the rest of the first room, both armies were relatively slow but had their moments. Ultimately, the room was given to the Penguins as Special Weapons And Tactics formations were not all that good. In the rest of the battle, both armies had performed evenly: with similar sizes, quality in formations, and speed in tactics. Neither side performed exceptionally, but the Penguins of Madagascar secured the first room, meaning they had won the battle and successfully invaded Moscow.

Picture of the battle 

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

Dreaming City

During the Dreaming City battle, the Penguins of Madagascar secured the ten penguin minimum needed for a successful defense. Unfortunately, Special Weapons And Tactics secured a whopping 17? and had the Penguins outnumbered quite significantly. As the battle went on, the Penguins of Madagascar suffered various connection issues, and by the time room three had concluded, they had barely five penguins left. Despite this, the Penguins of Madagascar kept fighting until the end. Still, unfortunately, the size difference was too much, and they remained covered for most of the room, allowing the Agents to secure Dreaming City with all three rooms.

Picture of the battle

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

Chaos on Cozy

With three victories, the Agents looked especially strong heading into Cozy. Unfortunately for them, the Penguins of Madagascar fought phenomenally to take control of the server. Both armies reached a peak of 18 soldiers online, proving that the battle would be close. This was the closest battle the War of Conquest had seen thus far, with three ties and neither army having a single room under their belt. The judges explained the reasoning behind the decisions was based on even sizes throughout the whole battle, similar formations, and bombs, as well as speed being roughly the same. Due to the tie, Special Weapons And Tactics retained control of Cozy as the Penguins of Madagascar were unable to invade successfully. Afterward, both armies submitted video evidence of the battle and requested a review based on a lack of overtime.

Picture of the battle

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

Lake of Shadows

Special Weapons And Tactics scheduled yet another invasion, this time on Penguin of Madagascar’s Lake of Shadows. In a close battle, everything was similar again: similar size, similar formations, and similar speed. It’s no wonder this battle went into overtime, although the sizes weren’t as large as the previous battle. After three rooms plus an overtime room, the Penguins of Madagascar managed to edge a victory by just one room. This means the Penguins successfully defended Lake of Shadows.

Picture of the battle

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

Fight for Fiesta

With Special Weapons And Tactics looking to continue their lead, both armies logged on to Fiesta. With the Penguins of Madagascar invading, all the pressure was on them. Starting evenly, both sides promptly entered the battle room with a nearly identical size – Penguins of Madagascar were just one up over the Agents. From there, both armies fought in a very similar fashion, leading to the first room being a tie. Upon entering the second room, the Penguins appeared to have lost too many soldiers, and SWAT had a plus-four advantage and could use that successfully against their opponent many times. Due to the excellent use of their size advantage and more cohesive tactics, the Agents took the last two rooms and successfully defended Fiesta.

Picture of the battle

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

Cream Soda Clash

The final battle of the ‘War of Conquest’ was for Cream Soda. Prebattle, both armies had similar sizes, with Penguins of Madagascar having a slight advantage heading into the battle. As a matter of fact, the entire battle was so close that the thirst three rooms were all tied. Fortunately, unlike Cozy, Judge Comedy declared an overtime room. Edging out a slight size advantage, the Penguins of Madagascar took home the overtime room and won the battle with a 1-3-0 score, successfully defending Cream Soda!

Picture of the battle

Judges’ Verdict for the battle

With both armies having performed excellently over the past few weeks, the war ended as a treaty was signed between the two armies. The treaty, dubbed the Pact of Women’s History Month, outlines both armies’ dissatisfaction with the Club Penguin Army Judges organization. The treaty doesn’t necessarily mark the war’s end but does state neither army shall attack the other until they feel their concerns have been resolved.

Treaty signed between SWAT and POM

To find out more about the treaty, Club Penguin Armies approached Special Weapons And Tactics leader Legoman and Penguins of Madagascar leader Rye Bread to find out their thoughts on how each army performed during the war and if they felt the war would continue.

Legoman: SWAT is satisfied with our performance in the War of Conquest. I especially enjoyed the part where I led in a Best Western Plus and had my cousins helping lead. I assume the war will continue, after the PACT’s requirements are met. Both enemy armies were united by the lackluster judging and our mutual love and respect for Women’s History. Big things on the horizon – stay tuned. HOO RAH!

Rye Bread: The War of Conquest was a huge success in my book. For POMs first ever war, we did fantastic. Our troops learned so much and we achieved 2 of our goals; conquer SWATs land & make Coolguy retire. A true win in my book. Moving forward POM will keep growing and will be even more powerful for when this pact is broken, and the war is back on. POM FTW!

Both armies fought ferociously in a war plagued with connection issues and battle reviews. Each side also appears to believe there are flaws with judging in Club Penguin Armies in its current state. Hopefully, the results of this war do not deter other armies from clashing. Well played to Special Weapons And Tactics and Penguins of Madagascar for such a spectacular fight.

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