Zeus Retires From the Army of Club Penguin Leaving the Leader Spot Vacant

A few days back, Zeus, the long-serving leader of the Army of Club Penguin announced that he would be stepping down from his position. The army is currently functioning without a Commander in Chief.

On September 16, the current and only Commander of the Army of Club Penguin, Zeus, made an official announcement about his departure from the army. In a post titled Zeus Retirement, he expressed his gratitude towards everyone in the army, and stated that he did his best to help the army grow during the ten months that he was leader. Before concluding his message, he inducted Calgocubs as the 49th Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Club Penguin, and rewarded Stevos, the role of Dedicated Officer, both for their hard work and dedication that they had shown for the army. However, the Higher Command of the army requested for some time to discuss about the situation of the Leader position, wanting the ranks to be unchanged before they came up with something concrete. Thus, the army is currently functioning without a leader.

Zeus makes an official announcement about his retirement

Zeus or Jesus1_4 first joined the army community on May 8th, 2021, by enlisting in the Army of Club Penguin. He was recruited by Kailey. Like any other recruit or new member, he started his journey in the army as a Private and quickly climbed through the ranks to get the position of General (third-in-command) in the army. In less than 2 months, he was able to enter the staff team, by attaining the rank of Brigadier General. After Fatchicken88 retired pertaining to December last year, Zeus was inducted as the next leader of the Army of Club Penguin. He led the army for a solid ten months, helping the army grow to a great degree and win a tournament – Beach Brawl II. His hard work, and countless efforts for the army has had him receive the Legend status, and the role of Dedicated Officer, within the army.

Army of Club Penguin at Beach Brawl II

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Zeus for an interview about his retirement and future plans, but was unfortunately unable to get a response back for the same. Regardless, we wish Zeus the very best, in all his future endeavors, and hope that he makes a return to the community soon. How will Zeus’s retirement affect the army in the long run? What are the army’s plans for the future?



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