Top Ten Armies [July 10th 2022 – July 16th 2022]

As one army makes their final placement and another re-enters the top three, the latest rankings witnesses some considerable change. 


Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [78.25] [↑0]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [53.73] [↑0]

3. Ice Warriors [50.66] [↑2]

4. Help Force [50.39] [↓1]

5. Water Vikings [44.10] [↓1]

 6. Special Weapons and Tactics [31.05] [↑1]

7. Lime Green Army [30.50] [↓1]

8. Army of Club Penguin [26.48] [↑4]

9. Animal Kingdom [22.04] [↑1]

10. Revs [21.00] [↓1]

Close to the Top Ten

11. Ninjas [19.00] [↓3]

12. Secret Service [18.00] [RETURN]

13. Magma Clan [12.50] [↓2]

Click here for the Top Ten Statistics.


Stat Digest

  • The Templars achieved the highest peak size this week, with 60 penguins attending a training event.
  • The Rebel Penguin Federation held the most events again this week – a total of 8.
  • The Templars had the largest UK/US average size, 55.75, while the Help Force achieved the largest AUSIA average size – 27.5.
  • 7/13 armies held AUSIA events, 2 higher than the previous week.
  • The Ice Warriors re-enter the top three after falling out last week, while the Army of CP has the largest rise of 4 positions and back into the top ten. The Ninjas have the largest fall, down by three positions and out of the top ten listings.
  • The Secret Service held their final event on Saturday, which makes this their final Top Ten placing.


Thank you to this week’s Top Ten Calculations Committee: DMT, Link3000, Sophie, Nicky, Yodabobobo, Spotty & Max

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