Pets of CPAHQ: Holidays Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- With the holiday season now in full swing, it is now time to revisit one of our much loved one-off columns, the Pets of CPAHQ! Let’s take a look at how the CPAHQ staff team and community celebrate the holidays with their cute pets!

After publishing our first Pets of CPAHQ back in June, it was decided that we would have a holidays edition. In recent years, dressing up your pets has become a more common part of every day life. It’s time to see how each of our furry friends celebrate the holiday season!

Spotty’s Dogs: Yosef & Poppy

Vanish’s Dogs: Ginger & Loki

Rach’s Dogs: Yogi & Lola

Rach’s Cats: Shadow & Rorie

Conor’s Dog: Bella

Echo’s Rock: Ricky

Fusion’s Fish

Legoman’s Dogs: Finnegan & Cujo

Cassie’s Cats: Mishka & Jessica

Misty’s Cat: Bluemoon

Leila’s Dog: Lard

Leila’s Chicken: Sheila

Xing’s Cat: Demetrius Damarcus Bartholomew

Memero’s Dog: Willy

Mads’ Foster Dog: Leo

Mare’s Dog: Tera

DFGV’s Dog: Dexter

Comedy’s Cat: Jasper

Comedy’s Dogs: Lucy, Milly & Zoe

It is clear that all of our pets really do get into the holiday spirit, and we can establish that our community definitely does include a lot of extremely cute pets! If you own any pets, do you dress yours up for the holidays? CPAHQ would like to wish you and all your pets a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  • Spotty

    Spotty has been part of the media community since 2021, and currently serves as Club Penguin Armies Chief Executive Producer. She is known for her positions as a CPA Headquarters Vice Director (2022), Head Judge (2020-2022), DW Leader (2020), and HF Leader (2019-2020). She also won ‘Best Head Judge’ and 'Best Moderator' in the CPAHQ 2021 Staff Awards.

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