Top Ten Armies [11/14/21-11/20/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the Christmas Chaos XI tournament fast approaching, we bring you the latest Top Ten listing.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [62.13]

2. Ice Warriors [+1] [55.91]

3. Templars [-2] [55.83]

4. Help Force [+0] [52.11]

5. Water Vikings [+0] [44.46]

6. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [37.30]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+0] [31.90]

8. Silver Empire [+0] [29.27]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [RETURN] [25.49]

10. Bose DK Warriors [-1] [23.17]

11. Trojans [+0] [23.00]

12. Dark Vikings [+0] [18.88]

13. Tiger Warriors [+0] [17.98]

14. Friendly Gamers [NEW!] [14.50]


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Biographies were compiled by Sweater, Disha, Spotty, TD999, Rach, Nicky, df44, Todoro & Max

Calculations completed by DMT

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a total of 9 events this week, starting with their Operation: Don’t Dig Straight Down with a size of 32. On Tuesday, the Rebels had 2 events, Operation: Coat Camouflage with 26 penguins, and Operation: Puffle Love with 29 puffle lovers in attendance. This was followed by Operation: No Time To Die, where 26 troops logged on to celebrate the latest Bond film. Thursday saw another 2 events with 21 Rebels online for Operation: Somewhere Over the Rainbow and 24 online for Operation: Viking Vendetta. Operation: Snowfall Style then saw a size of 33 fashionable penguins. Saturday once again had 2 events, 22 rebels logged on for Operation: Just Wig It, ending the week with 25 members attending the Operation: Food Fight.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors came in strong with a total of 6 events this week, starting off with 26 miners inflating the economy with their AUSIA Mining Coins event, followed by a U-Lead that same day with 34 future leaders taking part. Next, they battled the Army of Club Penguin with a solid 24 Warriors taking the victory. Afterwards, their AUSIA division took on the Water Vikings with a maximum size of 20. The following day saw 19 Warriors take on the Help Force, before they finished their week off with a practice battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation that saw 27 soldiers in attendance.

3. Templars: The Templars began their week with a pre-war training with peak size of 41 penguins. They continued with an invasion of ‘Server 9’ on Thursday, with size of 39 soldiers online. Their week finished with a max-38 free-land invasion and practice battle against the Help Force.

4. Help Force: The Help force held a total of 4 events this week. They kicked the week off with a (INT) U-lead where they showcased their favorite instrument with a max total of 35. Then, (EU) held a practice battle with Ice Warriors then finished off to cart surfer with a max of 22. Next, held an AUSIA Pizza takeover event showing a max of 27. To finish off the week, they held yet another practice battle against the Templars with 28 soldiers in attendance.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held a total of 5 events this week. They started off the week with a miner takeover, maxing 21. Then, 16 vikings logged on for an AUSIA practice battle against the Ice Warriors. Their next event was another practice battle, this time against the Rebel Penguin Federation, with a max of 23. Next, they went on to an AUSIA invasion with hide and seek, maxing 13. They finished the week with another invasion and war training, that saw 18 vikings in attendance.

6. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin held a total of five events this week. They started off the week with their “Through the Storm” event and a sled racing competition that had 14 people show up. Their week continued with a fun battle against the Ice Warriors, for which 14 troops attended, and the invasion of 87, (which is now known as Alpine), which saw a total of 17 people attending. They ended their week on a fun note, with two exciting events – one for which we saw 16 Clovers turning into Chefs, and the other for which 10 troops attended with their delivery uniforms on, to make a special delivery!

7. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation held a total of 5 events this week. Staring with an Unscheduled Training event maxing 13. Followed by, Operation: Gold Digger maxing 16, Invasion of Pine Needles maxing 15 & Invasion of Covfefe maxing 15 again. They concluded their week with a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors, maxing 9.

8. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire – fresh from the depths of war -held only three events this week. Firstly, they held a Sled Racing contest that saw 15 soldiers test their sledding abilities. The following day witnessed 17 Silvers attend a training event. To round off their slower-than-usual week, the Empire held a Masterchef competition that saw 12 people have their dishes brutally graded.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: Special Weapons and Tactics had a total of 3 events this week. They started off their week with a “Shovel Takeover” for which 16 penguins showed up with shovels to take over the island. The next event they had was an Induction Ceremony, for their new leader, Camotes, which saw 14 people attending to congratulate him and celebrate this special occasion. They ended the week with red capes, that had 10 troops joining in the fun wearing red capes!

10. Bose DK Warriors: Bose DK held a total of 3 events this week. To start off their week they saw 13 troops log on for an OPERATION: EXPANDING HORIZONS event. Next, 13 troops logged on as the army was able invaded “Curry Markets” and added it to their territory! The same day as their Curry Markets invasion they logged on once again (but 3 hours later) to invade a new piece of land “Roti Basket” where they saw a total of 10 troops.

After their outstanding performance last week that led to them taking the number one position for the first time, the Templars have dropped two spots to 3rd – just 0.08 points behind the Ice Warriors. The Rebel Penguins have reclaimed the first position after a successful week with 9 events, and the Special Weapons and Tactics make their return after no events and placement were witnessed the previous week. The armies in positions 4-8 and 11-13 have witnessed no movement from last week, showing great consistency in the community as we head into the Christmas Chaos XI tournament next weekend.

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