Bias in the Wiki? Legoman Issued Demotion

Editor’s Note, 21/12/2021: There is an update to this situation at the bottom of the post.

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – The Club Penguin Army Wiki, one of the leading organisations focused on preserving army history, has recently announced the demotion of a senior administrator. What exactly happened and what’s next for the Wiki? 

Please note that since LEGOMAN has not made any public statement, all that there is to go by is a recent post made by Wiki Bureaucrat Rowan Alden. This means that many claims made by the Wiki in regards to LEGOMAN have had no defence, which in turn means this post may appear to be one-sided. We assure you that we have made every effort to look at the situation objectively: by reaching out to LEGOMAN, by only reporting on claims that have been supported via evidence, etc. We are the premier news source of the army community and news that contains bias is no news at all. Thank you.

The Club Penguin Army Wiki has existed since early 2009. Founded by Clintos007, the main goal of the page was to allow any and all members of the army community to add or edit army history in an attempt to preserve it for future use, such as in articles you see here on Club Penguin Army Headquarters. Initially, the Wiki would be inactive, and in 2011 was finally adopted by another user: Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12. Under him and another administrator named Mixer2301, it was restored and used again for its original purpose: to preserve army history.

In its time, the Wiki has seen many administrators come and go. One of the most infamous individuals in our community, LEGOMAN, up until now also served as an administrator. As charismatic as they come, LEGOMAN advocated for the Wiki in many scenarios and was known to edit a large amount of pages. Unfortunately, it would appear that there was an ulterior motive for the work he has put in for them, as Wiki Bureaucrat Rowan Alden explains below.

…In the end, the changes I had made mostly happened because Legoman had portrayed an event in a way that looked favourable for him, either by emphasising his role in events [and by extension minimising the role other people played], glossing over his losses, etc.

Ultimately, it all boiled down to the fact that Legoman was attempting to embellish his own history. Anyone who’s heard of Legoman knows how badly he wants S/M Legend, and after discussion with Dino, we agreed his edits were a clear attempt to increase his chances…

“WikiProjects and Staff Update” – Rowan Alden

As we can see, Rowan and Dino believe that recent edits made by LEGOMAN were made to increase his chances at achieving the highest honour any small/medium leader can achieve, S/M Legend. After the investigation conducted by the other administrators, the Wiki had found LEGOMAN to be guilty of altering events to be in his favour, but had issued no punishment due to LEGOMAN’s previous work within the organisation. It ended with a slap on the wrist and a stern talking-to, until…

Over the past month, we have witnessed one of the largest, and longest, wars in history. World War VIII, also known as the Western Bloc vs. Vengeance Alliance war, has witnessed many armies enter the battlefield and as such the Wiki has been updating near-constantly throughout the experience. In their pursuit, they had found the established Vengeance Alliance page with a logo designed by LEGOMAN. Whilst this may seem insignificant to most, Rowan Alden iterates why it shouldn’t be taken that way below.

…After being missing for a month, Legoman had inserted himself into the Vengeance Alliance page, despite having next-to-no involvement in the alliance due to his inactivity. I decided to investigate to confirm these suspicions and found that I was correct. The crest had been created barely half a week ago for a war that was more than a month old.

Vengeance Alliance has never used this symbol as a logo in any way to represent the Vengeance Alliance. For those curious, I was able to find three different flags and logos which could have been legitimately used instead for the Vengeance Alliance, such as the two different server icons the VA Discord server has used along with an additional logo that I received upon enquiry.

It was very clear that Legoman was again attempting to insert himself into the page to make it appear as if he contributed substantially to the alliance when he did not.

“WikiProjects and Staff Update” – Rowan Alden

The unofficial Vengeance Alliance crest designed by LEGOMAN. Apologies for the poor quality.

It would seem that once again, LEGOMAN had written a piece that favours himself, despite having little involvement within the alliance. After discovering this, the Wiki had issued a demotion to him from administrator to content moderator – their lowest position. As well as this, the Wiki have begun an investigation into every article LEGOMAN has ever edited – with 20 confirmed pages from July 2021 until present day.

With these accusations laid out against him, Club Penguin Army Headquarters offered LEGOMAN the chance to defend himself and provide a statement. We asked him the following:

What can you tell us about the accusations placed upon you, including the suspected motive of increased chances for S/M Legend?

LEGOMAN: It seems trivial for this to only now come to light now when its been happening for many many many months. It is quite rare for a person to be so impartial about their own history, especially in the case of myself. I first stumbled upon the wiki as a joke and yet still became the first senior mod in wiki history, the first staff of the month in wiki history and [received] staff of the month twice. Bro I even got to admin somehow which is ####a funny. Frankly I felt if the bias was an issue it [would’ve] came to light with someone as notoriously egotistical as myself. I’m still gunning for that SM Legend as a Wiki Admin or not, and despite my flamboyant recollection of history, my impact on this community is undeniable. I’ll obviously release a podcast about why I deserve it sometime later. No hard feelings w the wiki because now I’m relevant again. HOO RAH!

Uncertain of what this response actually means, he was asked outright “do you deny these accusations?” – I was met with an “I could.”

As we can see, with no real defence from LEGOMAN – it would certainly appear as if he has been abusing his power in the Wiki to make stories seem more credible for him. However, we simply cannot call this a done deal so long as there is contestation. So, I offer the question to you:

Did LEGOMAN purposely abuse his position in the Club Penguin Army Wiki to rewrite history and make himself the hero?

Please share your opinion in the comments or on our general chat! We would love to know.

UPDATE 21/12/2021, 1:00 AM GMT – 

Following investigations led by Dino, Cabin and Rowan Alden there has been a new post released on the Wiki. The post claims that LEGOMAN’s edits are “worse than we thought” and the administrators spoke directly with various army leaders regarding the issues. An excerpt of their post can be found below.

We were approached by various army leaders and informed that many of the medals on Legoman’s medal section were not actually awarded to him or had since been rescinded. This includes:

*Rowan Alden proceeds to list various medals across multiple armies that he claims LEGOMAN did not earn.*

Following these claims, LEGOMAN has denied the accusations in Voice Chat and has explained that he has held these medals in one form or another, at least at one point. The main issue comes down to whether or not you classify specific roles as medals or not.

Another issue the Wiki brought up was that LEGOMAN did not hold the role of Special Weapons And Tactics Commander-in-Chief during various wars that he has credited himself as having led, though LEGOMAN stated he does not disagree, but he did assist in leading those wars in some capacity.

More updates, if any, will be added below.

UPDATE 21/12/21 –

LEGOMAN stated in voice chat at 1:17 am GMT that he was “bias before the S/M Legend obsession.”


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