Champions Cup VI: Grand Finals RESULTS

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – After three weeks of battling, eliminations and pure intensity, the Grand Finals of the sixth rendition of the Champions Cup has now come to a close. A thrilling fight between the Templars of Club Penguin and Water Vikings, especially with the history behind this battle, is indeed a spectacular way to end such a tournament.

Both armies performed excellently all tournament long. In their group, the Water Vikings had to battle armies such as the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Red Ravagers – and after a no-show from the penguins in red, the Water Vikings held sizes of 20-25 throughout the tournament before this battle. On the other hand there were the Templars. A dominant force as of late, and one who many considered the obvious choice when it came to predicting a winner, stormed through the no-showing Wet Army Penguins and the Silver Empire with sizes that were in the lower 40s.

So then, today, on October 23rd, 2021, when the Templars and Water Vikings logged on to fight for the trophy, many were expecting a close battle, with a slight advantage given to the Templars. What we all expected, and what happened, was an amazing battle nonetheless and one neither army would dare to give up so easily.

Room One: Inside Mine

At precisely :00 judge ThePieLord called the Inside Mine, a room notable for it’s flexibility in a small size. Both armies entered swiftly, with the room filling up in seconds of blue and yellow penguins chanting their battle cries. The judges quickly noticed the size advantage held by the Templars, one that grew to nine more than the Vikings held at one point. It was decided, though, that the armies both had “sloppy” formations that would constantly overlap, leading the judges to the conclusion that the room was tied – as neither army performed significantly better than their rival.

The Templars and Water Vikings throwing down in the Mine

Room Two: Stadium

After an exciting ten minutes of battling in the Mine, Associate Director Fusion decided it was time for the armies to move to the Stadium. A typical battle room that favours circling and covering, it’s vital to get into formation effectively straight away. Water Vikings were able to grab the V formation, despite not entering the room first, and were even able to catch up to the Templar’s size advantage. Throughout the room, judge Neha noticed that the Templars’ tactics and formations were slightly inconsistent, leading to the Water Vikings taking room two.

The Water Vikings and Templars battling in the Stadium; a Water Vikings victory

Room Three: Ice Berg

In the third and final room of the battle, both armies seemingly becoming more fatigued yet even more determined, the Templars entered the Ice Berg first – much like the first two rooms. For a split second, the Templars covered the Water Vikings however they retaliated and started to cover the Knights. Templars’ choice in formations throughout the room were unique – but could not out-do the Vikings in terms of covering the enemy. After an exciting final room, filled with both armies going all out, it was decided that this room held no winner and as such the two armies tied this room, leaving the Water Vikings to take the entire battle with a final score of 1-2-0, thus becoming the sixth Champions Cup Victors.

As expected, this battle was as close as could be. With only one out of three rooms actually won – it’s evident that both armies performed splendidly. However, in that vital room two, the judges decided that the sixth Champion of the Champions Cup is none other than the Water Vikings! A huge congratulations to the Water Vikings for giving this their all, and thank you to the Templars for not giving up. Every single army who competed in this tournament performed excellently, and each deserve their own praise in one way or another.

Stay tuned! Another exciting tournament will dawn upon us far before we know it. Is YOUR army ready?



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