Ugly Steps Down from Fire Warriors Leadership

HOT CHOCOLATE – Fire Warriors Empire: After a glorious victory, in Challengers Cup 2, one of the leaders of Fire Warriors, Ugly, has announced that he will be stepping down from the position of leader in the army. What was the cause behind this decision of his?

The Fire Warriors were created in late August of 2007 by WWE09. Wwe09 retired in June of 2008 and unfortunately, nobody stepped up to the plate. Due to this fact, the Fire Warriors shut down due to inactivity. The army was idle for quite some time before they reopened again in February, this year. More recently, we have seen the Warriors arise as one of the premier small/medium armies in the community. Ugly was crowned as a leader of the army, after their win against the Golden Troops, in the quarter-finals of Challengers Cup 2 held on the 16th of August, 2021. He announced his retirement on the 26th of August, through a post on the army’s official website, which can be found HERE.

The Opening Event of Fire Warriors

Ugly first joined armies back in February of 2020 where he was recruited into Aliens by BestPenguin (BP). After having joined the Aliens, he joined the Tree Cult, where he quickly rose to the position of leader, before the army shut down, Following his time in the forest, he joined the Dark Champions as Third in Command. In December 2020, Ugly was promoted as a Leader of the Dark Champions. But soon after, the army became completely inactive in the early months of 2021. This is when, Ugly joined Fire Warriors as a staff member, and eventually became a Leader-in-Training there.

Following their victory against the Golden Troops in the first round of Challengers Cup 2AustinFraud announced the promotion of Ugly to Main Leader. With Ugly, as the leader, Fire Warriors saw an impressive win against the People’s Imperial Confederation in the final round of Challengers Cup 2. After being a leader for the army, for almost 2 weeks, Ugly decided to retire from the position. Sweater, his co-leader wrote a post about Ugly, expressing his gratitude and respect, for all that Ugly has done for the army, which can be found HERE.

Fire Warriors battle People’s Imperial Confederation in the final round of Challengers Cup 2

CPAHQ had the opportunity to speak with Ugly about his thoughts on retiring, and what he plans to do next.

Why did you decide to retire from Fire Warriors?

I explained in my post that I’ve been burned out for how much I was active. The first 7 months were fine but now that college is dropping in, I don’t want some penguins game to ruin my choices in life and the paths I have.

What are your thoughts on how your retirement is going to impact the army?

I don’t think it’s gonna impact anything, Fire Warriors will run perfectly fine with or without me. But in any case, I still wanted to become Advisor to ensure it still upholds its success.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army during your time as a Leader?

I believe I did exceedingly well for such a short amount of time, being able to lead the finals of Challengers Cup 2 to a 9-0 tournament win. I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but I think it was pretty decent.

What will you say has been the best thing about being a Leader?

Being a leader or not, it’s satisfying watching your army rise and succeed through the hard work you put in.

Although Ugly has retired from the leadership, he has faith that the Fire Warriors will continue to go on strong, and leave an impact on the army community, as it always has. The community will miss him dearly, given the positive influence that he has had on it, and we wish him all the best, for all his future endeavors.

What do YOU think? Will this retirement affect the Fire Warriors well? What will the Fire Warriors remember Ugly by? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


CP Army Headquarters – Reporter

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