Secret Service Witnesses Two Leaders Exit

DOWN UNDER – Secret Service Empire: With the Challengers’ Cup 2 coming to an end, Secret Service sees the departure of two leaders from their army, TD999, and JoelFreak. What will this hold for the future of the army?

Secret Service was created by TD999, on the 20th of October, 2020. The Army quickly rose to heights and set the army record for getting #1 on S/M Top Tens in under just 2 weeks of creation. Just a week after, it rose to the Major Top Tens, before shutting down, in late December.

The concluding event of First Generation Secret Service

Very recently, on July 3rd, Secret Service has returned to the community after being shut down for many months. In a new discord server, they held their revival event and reached a max of 19 penguins, They quickly rose to the outskirts of the top tens and have slowly started to grow with a new leader, Dman64w. During the first round of Legends Cup XI, they battled against Special Weapons & Tactics and emerged victoriously, but lost to the Ice Warriors in the next round, due to a difference in size. In Challengers Cup 2, they made it to the semi-finals but lost to the People’s Imperial Confederation. Only recently, about a week ago, the army decided to declare war on Sidie’s Rangers, which can be found HERE.

Secret Service battling SWAT in Legends Cup XI – First Round

Right after Challengers Cup 2 ended, Secret Service saw the retirement of two of their leaders, TD999, and JoelFreak. JoelFreak made an announcement in the server saying that he was stepping down from the position as, with his school starting, he felt that he would not be able to provide enough time and work to the army. Although, TD999’s reasons to depart still remain unknown, Dman64w made an official announcement conveying his gratitude and best wishes to both the leaders.

Dman congratulating and conveying his gratitude to both the leaders

CPAHQ was unable to reach out to TD999, but we approached JoelFreak to talk about his retirement, and know his thoughts on the same.

Could you elaborate a bit more on why you decided to retire?

Well, I would stay in CPA but I have my school, and I need to focus.

Do you have any particular memory or memories of Secret Service that will stay with you?

The fact that I lead it twice.

What kind of impact do you think your departure will have on Secret Service, and how do you think, the army will do in the future?

I think the army is dying, mainly because the September drop is coming, and we lost 2 leaders, me and TD, but when I can, I will be back to lead SS to greatest victories.

What do you think you will miss about Secret Service the most?

The community.

Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Ss ftw.

With two of the leaders retiring, at the same time, Secret Service is now in the hands of Dman64w solely. We wish both TD999 and JoelFreak, all the very best in their future endeavors, and hope they make a come-back or pay a visit to the army community, very soon!

What do YOU think? How will these departures affect the army? Will Secret Service be able to hold on to how they are doing currently, or will this have a negative impact on their performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below, or in our discord server!


CP Army Headquarters – Reporter


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