Legends Cup Drama: Mass Kicking Results in Battle Halt

KLONDIKE: CP Army Headquarters – Just as the semifinal battle between the Ice Warriors and the Help Force was coming to a close, many users were kicked from the CPR Server, Zipline. What resulted in many users being kicked?

In the most recent battle between the Ice Warriors and the Help Force, which was held on Zipline, many users were kicked from the server with just two minutes remaining in their battle. It was determined by Club Penguin Rewritten Moderators that the two armies were inherently breaking in-game rules against armies and their activities.

Just minutes following the mass kicking of Warriors and Helpers, CPR staff deleted Zipline from their server list as a whole to prevent the logging on of members. Zipline, as we all should know by now, is one of the busiest servers in the game. There are times where Zipline is unusable to armies due to the one bar rule that CPR has put in place for the community for the time being. A copy of said rule will be shown below.

As the rule states, armies are not allowed on servers that are more than two bars full. As the rule states, they “have methods” to see what the server was prior to any army event starting. With both armies maxing over 80 troops, it is possible that the additional 160 members logged on bumped the server up to more than one bar.

Moments after the mass kicking and server deletion, Popcorny, a judge for the Legends Cup released the following judging announcement:


With the final two minutes being cut short of the battle, it will be fun to see how the battle plays out.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to a CPR Moderator for an official statement, but we were unable to get a statement on their behalf.

Moving forward, although it might not be the popular thing to do, we should be mindful of the rules that CPR has put in place for all of us. Blatantly disobeying their rules will only cause us more trouble than we need. In other words, it’s their game, play by their rules.

What do YOU think? How will CPR respond to what just transpired? How will the battle pan out following what happened? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


CP Army Headquarters – Editor In Chief

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