IceQueen Promoted to IW Leader

KLONDIKE HEADQUARTERS-  Just less than a week ago, the Ice Warriors has decided to induct IceQueen as their new leader. What led to this decision and what can we expect from their new leader? Read on more down below to find out! 

IceyFeet1234 inducting IceQueen as their new leader.

IceQueen joined on 13th April 2020 during the lockdown. One of her friends mentioned to her that CP was back so, they made accounts for Club Penguin Online. She used to play when she was younger but never came across CP Armies. Then by chance on CPO, she came across the blue penguins of the Ice Warriors chanting stuff about their army. Immediately intrigued by the opportunity of free coins, she thought she would give the army a chance and has stuck with them ever since.

CP Army Headquarters was able to reach out to IceQueen for an interview. Read below to find out what she has to say about her promotion!

Whats was your first impression of what being a leader is like?

Initially I was super shocked lol, the whole promotion came to me a surprise. It’s a big responsibility and I’m grateful to the IW leadership and advisory team for believing in me and for all the support from my troops and staff <3

What do you hope to achieve in the future as a leader?

Ever since I joined the staff team, my goal was to make the community a safe and fun space for everyone! That goal still remains at the top as it’s with the community.The staff team and through friendships that we’re able to achieve amazing things. Alongside this as Leader, I really hope that Ice Warriors continues to grow, continues achieving great things in upcoming battles, tournaments and continues to keep it’s placement in the top 10. :iwsalute:

Do you have any favorite memories from when you first joined IceWarriors?

Hmmm I would say my faivourite memories when I first joined were the events on CPO and getting those coins :aahtongue: . I was just obsessed with coins back then and I think it shows here:oop: LOL. But for real, as a troop those events plus when we’d have recruiting parties with the leaders and staff on CPO. That was alot of fun and it felt pretty cool you know spending time with them! The other faivoirite memory is when I played Hide and Seek with Regan, Law, Jugdish and many others. It was the same time I got Troop of the Week, and it was just a really special and memorable time for me because I was really shy before and allowed me to be more interactive and open in Ice Warriors. :blueheart:

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Ice Family and Friends, I love you all! Every single one of you, never give up on your dreams! <3 Thank you to Orange and my Water Ninjas Leaders Squad (Kally, Freedomist and DrQueen) for helping me grow, even though you take pride in bullying me and making everyone believe that I’m fake Elsa E9EH! Thank you to Icey, Erick, Shinde, Law, Regan & Alex for always being there for me and and to Flamez, Madhav & Ben for being so chill xD. I’m the Real Elsa. Ice Warriors Forever and Always. :iwsalute: Love Yourselves <3 ~ IceQueen :tl1HeartsBlue::elsa::GlowHeart:

It is clear that IceQueen believes that the future is bright for the Warriors. With the summer being halfway over and there still being much activity to be had by the rest of the community, time will tell what her leadership will bring towards the Ice Warriors.
What do YOU think? It seems that IceQueen is ready to take on the leadership for Ice Warriors.  Do you think she will lead them to victory? Let us know what you think down below!
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