BREAKING NEWS: Medieval Warriors Caught Multilogging

Klondike, CP Army Headquarters – During this period of relatively drama-free news, the pot has been stirred as it was discovered today that the Medieval Warriors were caught multilogging.

In the Medieval Warriors‘ most recent invasion of Yukon with the Club Penguin Army Network, it was discovered by one of the judges that the Warriors engaged in multilogging after Klutzy was exposed for having multiple accounts logged on at once. Although there is quite a bit to unpack here, we will decipher this situation.

Klutzy’s Accounts on CPR

Pictured above is Klutzy showing the accounts that they have on CPR. LimJoonWee24 was seen logged on for this invasion of Yukon that the Warriors took part in earlier today. Along with this, it was discovered that Klutzy had made another account named “LEADER KLUTZ” which was also seen taking part at this event.

Medieval Warriors Event, Invasion of Yukon

The Warriors were once caught multilogging, which can be read here. CPAN did an investigation after allegations were brought to light of a different member of the Medieval Warriors.

Although it is much tougher for the community to make sure multilogging cannot be done, it is a shame to see that it is still happening. Let it be known that if an army decides to engage in this behavior, it will be brought to light by some method.

It is also important to note that since the Medieval Warriors are not registered with CPAHQ, there will be no consequences brought towards them on our behalf. 

What do YOU think? How will things pan out for the Medieval Warriors after this multilog situation was brought to light? Should there be some sort of punishment towards them? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!


CP Army Headquarters – Editor in Chief

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