BREAKING: SWAT and Templars Enter War

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The Templars are involved in another war, this time with the Special Weapons and Tactics.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.

The Special Weapons and Tactics released a post declaring war on the Templars of Club Penguin which can be found HERE.  They cited reasons of Xing, Templars Grand Prior, and creator, harassing and provoking their members. The terms of the war are shown below:


SWAT’s war terms; Click to enlarge.

However, SWAT wasn’t the only one to release terms of war, the Templars had their own terms which they put in the CP Army Network DiscordThese terms preceded the post that SWAT linked in the same channel.  The most notable difference between the two sets is that the Templars outlawed allies, whereas SWAT did not.  With both armies declaring their own terms, it’s become unclear which ones are set for the war.

Templar’s war terms; Click to enlarge.

Xing attests the fact that the Templars terms are the ones for the war, as he sent them first.  He states that not only did he send them first in the CPAN Discord server, but that he messaged Mare from SWAT before that.  In since deleted messages, LEGOMAN said that SWAT’s war terms were the valid ones because they pinged TCP, whereas TCP did not ping them.  CPAN has yet to confirm which war terms will be used.

Screenshot from Xing informing Mare about the war terms.

Since the closure of Flash, the Templars have been in quite a few wars already. Their most recent war was against the recently shut down Magma Clan, dubbed the 6th Errantry War.  They also went to war with the Water Vikings twice. The first war was declared by the now-deceased Vikings and the second was declared by the Crusaders themselves.  SWAT, on the other hand, has not participated in a war since the Flash Nemesis War against the Army of Club Penguin.

A battle between the Water Vikings and the Templars during their war.

Both armies have already locked invasions on each other in CPAN.  In addition to this, the Island Invaders, a recently revived army led by Legoman, seem to have joined the war effort against the Templars. as they are set to invade Mullet.

TCP’s, SWAT’s, and II’s scheduled invasions.

To find out more about this war, CPAHQ reached out to Mare for an interview:

What prompted this war declaration?

We have been waiting for this day to come. Unfinished Business.

What strategy will you be employing during the war?

A magician never reveals their secrets.

Do you think this war will end peaceably?

It will end like this.

We also reached out to Xing for an interview however, Xing gave the following statement:


Swat will die :thumbsup:

This war appears to already be shaping up as one full of vitriol. Both armies have the size to face each other, which creates the exciting prospect of a close war.

What do you think? Which terms are valid?  Which army will win the war? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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