Magma Clan Announce Closure After One Month of Existence

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Since their war with the Templars, the Magma Clan embarked on a noticeable decline.  That decline finally came to ahead when they announced their closure.

The Magma Clan were founded by Lukey on May 8th, 2021.  Before the army opened, former Templar troop Darklink joined the leadership alongside Lukey.  Under the pair, the opening event showed promise, reaching sizes of 15- solid for a first event. The two commanders were quickly thrown into the fire, though, as the Templars of Club Penguin declared war just a day later.  The crux of this conflict stemmed from recent actions taken by Darklink.  Upon his exile from TCP, he attempted to troop steal a handful of troops for MC.  The Templars confronted both Darklink and Lukey about the matter, but Darklink responded apathetically to their concerns.  Thus, the Crusaders launched their war effort to put their new adversaries out of commission.  More information the war can be found HERE.

The first event hosted by the Magma Clan.

Ultimately, the war ended in a victory for the Templars.  While the conflict began hot, the Magma Clan gradually shrank in size.  This led to them not even showing up at all.  On the 25th of May, the Templars brokered a treaty with their enemies.  Both armies agreed on the conclusion of the war as a TCP victory.  Following this, Darklink left his post as leader.  Though Lukey was left alone, these changes did not result in their death.

In the final battle of the war, the Templars reached sizes of 41, successfully beating the Magma Clan.

A week after the war ended, MC were one of ten armies invited to compete in Project: Conquest.  An ample opportunity for a bounce back, Lukey commandeered the army into the server draft.  Alas, the army was not able to get their sizes up to compete in the first week of the competition.  After losing Santorini to the Doritos, MC failed to show against the Army of Club Penguin when they invaded Methana.

The Doritos invading the Magma Clan on June 8th, winning 3-0.

After losing two servers in Project: Conquest, Lukey announced the closure of the Magma Clan on their Discord server on the 14th of June:

As you can probably already tell I am temporarily shutting this army down as I literally haven’t been on discord once for 3 days, maybe this returns idk.
Lukey, Magma Clan Creator
Just a month after their promising beginning, the journey of the Magma Clan ended in a stark contrast.  The army experienced a lot of action for the short amount of time they were here, which exacerbated the leadership of Lukey and Darklink to a point of no return.  With summer in it’s infancy, it is certainly possible that the Magma Clan will make a return.  The S/M community is still on the smaller end, giving new armies a better platform to make a name for themselves. An MC return, however, would likely be without the presence of their creator.
What do you think?  Will the Magma Clan make a return one day?  How will the army be remembered?  Let us know in the comments below!
CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief

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