Top Ten Armies [5/30/21-6/5/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- One army has a tremendous bounce back week, propelling them to the pole position this week.

1. Ice Warriors [+3] [92.17]

2. Help Force [+0] [91.06]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [89.39]

4. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [75.39] 

5. Water Vikings [+1] [57.16]

6. Templars [-1] [55.30]

7. Silver Empire [+0] [49.87]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [45.76]

9. Fire Warriors [+1] [36.07]

10. Doritos [-1] [33.33]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. People’s Imperial Confederation [+1] [29.50]

12. Red Ravagers [-1] [20.08]

13. Golden Troops [+0] [16.68]

14. Sea Serpents [NEW!] [14.00]

15. Blue Ravagers [NEW!] [9.00]

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a total of 7 events! Starting off the week to kick off Anniversary Week with an amazing AUSIA, they saw a total of 55 log on. Following this, the Warriors saw 48 log on for the second anniversary EU kickoff event. Next, the Ice Army saw an EU Memorial Day Special Event maxing a total of 68 troops. Next up 85 Ice Warriors logged on to celebrate the 14th Ice Warriors Anniversary in an EU event. An EU Practice Battle with Water Vikings took place the next day maxing a total of 41 troops. The next day they logged on for a EU Warriors Talent Show maxing 53. To end off the week they saw a total of 38 log on for an Auisa Practice Battle with Rebel Penguin Federation.

2. Help Force: The Help Force celebrated a major milestone this week, and had a busy week of seven events. They began with a throwback to prehistoric times, maxing 56. 49 Helpers showed their love for nature in their next event by literally going green. They showed off their impressive hat collection next, with a max of 40. They had a battle against the Templars of Club Penguin, attended by 51 troops. Team Fire and Team Water battled it out aswell, with 57 troops choosing one of the sides. Their biggest event this week celebrated their 10K Discord Milestone, with a max of 70. Their final event this week saw 52 Helpers join the community in celebrating Pride.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 9 events in the week to follow up last time’s excellent performance. To start, the army ended their Operation: Ultimate Ascension AUSIA week in an EU/US event, maxing 46 troops. After a couple of days, an AUSIA event consisting of an awards ceremony saw 41 troops in attendance, and a pride-themed US event the same day witnessed a max of 51 troops. The army then went up against allies Red Ravagers in an EU practice battle maxing 47. Moving on, a pizza-themed AUSIA event had 46 troops serving some delicious tactics and forms. The focus then shifted to an EU event with letterman jackets where the army maxed 46 troops again. Thereafter, 43 rebels were present in an Operation: Tremendous Tourney US event. An AUSIA practice battle against the Ice Warriors later saw the federation maxing 62 troops. The week ended with RPF participating in the community-wide Pride Parade event, maxing 50 to celebrate the occasion.

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin saw a brilliant 9 events during the week. They started with a UK Graduation Day event paired with a fashion show, 41 troops were present in the celebrations. The AUSIA division then hosted a space themed event, with 41 troops in attendance again, and later, the clovers maxed 34 in a US practice battle against the Water Vikings. The next UK event “Delta Operation: Tribus” marked the beginning of the new Triumvirate Leadership, witnessing a max of 40 soldiers. The new leadership was then inaugrated in an AUSIA event with 36 troops showing up. Next a pride-themed Rainbow Extravaganza UK event had the army maxing 30 troops. Continuing the momentum, the clovers faced off against a mystery army and Sidie’s Rangers in an AUSIA battle where they maxed 35. Thereafter, the UK and US divisions came together for a joint Diversity Parade event with the max being of 35 troops. ACP then took part in the historical community-wide Pride Parade event, 40 troops being involved in the memorable celebration.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had an intense week, with eight events total. Their highest max this week came from their first event, where 26 troops took part in a Cart Surfing tournament. This was followed by a max of 24 at a Pizzatron tournament, won by Paragon9. Their next event went back to 2007, with an old-style battle against the Army of Club Penguin, attended by 16. They returned to the present for their next battle, maxing 25 against the Ice Warriors. The best mascot was honoured in their Aunt Arctic takeover, with 21 Vikings dressed as the iconic character. 25 troops welcomed back some veterans into the army, and 20 troops had a Sushi Takeover. Their final event of the week was a battle with Templars, followed immediately by a Pride Parade, where they maxed 13.
6. Templars: Templars held five events this week, using this time to hold plenty of battles. Their first event was a battle against the Red Ravagers, where Templars maxed 24. Next they sharpened their skills with a max 30 US training. 20 troops took on the Help Force in their next battle. They fought the Silver Empire and the Doritos in a three-way battle, attended by 40. Finally, they finished the week on a high note, maxing 43 against the Water Vikings.
7: Silver Empire: To start the week the Silvers hosted an ausia Practice Battle with the Fire Warriors maxing 18. Next up an EU Ice Fishing contest was hosted with a total of 27 Silver Fishers in attendance. They hosted an ausia pizza chefs theme event with 20 Silver Chef’s. Next, the army saw 23 log on for a US Fiery Fashion Show. Next up a US Practice Battle with Templars and Doritos took place with Silvers maxing 18. To end off the week the Silvers took part in the Pride Parade maxing 16.
8. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics matched last week’s event count, hosting 5 again. The week began with an unscheduled troops U-Lead event, maxing 20 agents. Then they went up against the Magma Clan in a practice battle, maxing 27 troops. Another unscheduled UK/US U-Lead event witnessed 30 troops in action. The army then held one more U-Lead event with 26 troops attending, before participating in a max-18 AUSIA training event to finish the week.
9. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors held four events this week. They began by holding a celebration for those who graduated this year, maxing 20. Next, 16 Warriors took on the Golden Troops in a practice battle. Their next opponents were the Silver Empire, but this time they fought in a Dance Contest, with a max of 12. They also maxed 12 in their final event this week, where they held a Pride Parade.
10. Doritos: The Doritos had a quiet week with just 3 events. Kicking off the week with a coffee themed event, they saw 17 baristas logged on for the event. A practice battle against the Templars and Silver Empire was then held which saw 17 Doritos logged on. Finally, they took part in the community wide pride parade with 12 of their troops.
The Ice Warriors have risen 3 spots to pole position in this week’s Top Ten once again, shooting to 92.17 points in a large improvement from 73.34 last week.  The Help Force trails behind in a close 2nd place for another week despite a strong showing.  As a result of the Ice Warrior’s success in this edition of the Top Ten, both the Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin dropped to 3rd and 4th respectively.  The Water Vikings and Templars continue their rivalry, swapping positions this week. Towards the bottom of the Top Ten we see the Doritos fall another place to 10th, only hosting 3 events in total, allowing the flames of the Fire Warriors to burn brighter at 9th.
What do you think?  Will the Ice Warriors retain their newly reclaimed 1st spot?  Will the Doritos come back from their recent performance?  Let us know in the comments below!
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