March Madness 2021 Championship Review & Bracket Challenge Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- With CPAHQ’s first tournament coming to an end, we take an in depth look into the final battle, as well as revealing the winner of the CPAHQ Bracket Challenge.

Army of Club Penguin vs Ice Warriors

The first room of this highly anticipated final took place in the Ice Berg.  Both sides jumped into the room quickly, but ACP was able to claim the coveted circle formation first.  IW responds with a plus formation.  ACP managed to hold a size advantage of just three penguins.  Each army settled into battle with some quick emotes and banter, until both armies launched bombs.  IW deployed an uncommon movement pattern, first bunching on the top left, then the bottom left, and ending with a horizontal wipe.  ACP on the other hand went with an impressive Z wipe.  After this, IW took the circle formation while ACP got to work setting up an X.  Both forms were plagued with holes and bunching, resulting in quite a few troops from both sides moving around in an attempt to tighten it up.  IW’s pace really began to shine, so ACP counteracted with a well-timed cyclone and a quick move into an anchor formation.  Shortly after, IW also did their own cyclone combined with a big word bubble, which covered ACPs previous genius.  This led IW to sit on ACPs formation for the remainder of the room, as both armies tried to cover each other.  Ultimately, there were too many similarities in the performance from both sides for the judges to declare a winner, thus resulting in a tie.

With the battle still wide open for either army, ACP took the opportunity and ran with it in the second room, the Stadium.  The Clovers got into the room much quicker than their opponents, capitalizing on it with a big word bubble bomb and a huge square around the room.  Their big word bubble inclined the Icemen to switch to a simple 1 bomb as they worked out a plus formation.  IWs go to strategy of covering their opponents failed to work due to ACPs increased size advantage in the room, which had ballooned to eight.  IW was the first to move, joke bombing into a top left bunch, but were cut off by an impressive rake from ACP that ruined the formation IW was trying to build.  IW called an audible, switching to a big word bubble rake just as ACP had formed their V, ending in an anchor form.  While IW rebounded nicely from a dazzling ACP sequence, it was clear that ACP controlled this room for the rest of the way.  The judges easily ruled Stadium as an ACP victory.

IW knew the title was on the line going into the final room, the mine, so they went for broke.  The Warriors successfully entered the room before their rivals, amassing a five troop advantage with their upside down T.  ACP attempted to surround, but the odd dimensions of the mine caused some trouble for them, creating big gaps.  IW was the first to move after a tactic exchange that was mostly emotes.  IW’s Z-wipe was countered by a bunch in the center of the room by ACP.  While ACP switched into a plus, IW tried their hand at a circle.  While the formation itself wasn’t tidy, IW deployed an onslaught of tactics that covered up parts of ACPs formation well.  However, IW quickly changed forms to seek a cleaner form, bunching in the center and transitioning into a rake bomb.  Coincidentally, ACP also went into a rake bomb, so it became a race to get into formation.  The Icemen went into an unconventional (for the mine) X, while the Clovers built an anchor.  IWs pace continued to shine, pulling off tactics left and right with excellent completion.  This propelled the judges to rule the room an IW victory, resulting in an overtime room.

With the ongoing party, the judges were left with a difficult decision of choosing a room.  After previous complaints of the room Docks (users cited 3 exits being troubling), the judges chose Cove as the final point of battle.  Both armies filled into the room, with IW gaining an early edge of four troops.  ACP once again set their formation as a circle of the perimeter, whereas IW went with an upside down T.  The main location of contention was the chatbar line, where both armies tried to overtake each other in an attempt to cover.  Multiple word tactics were thrown around until ACP shook things up with a quick rake into an upside down V.  IW held their from throughout this movement from ACP, then launched their own to smother their opponents.  After they formed an X, ACP made a beeline to a new formation, putting together an upside down T.  IW continued their heavy use of word tactics that made it difficult for ACP to get situated.  A good Z wipe helped ACP break up IW, who deployed a waterfall.  ACP went back into a circle after this exchange, while IW set up a plus formation for the final two minutes of the room.  ACP actually began to outpace IW, executing a nice bomb, but an IW Z Wipe beat out an ACP cyclone.  While the judges were impressed with ACPs perservearance in the last couple of minutes of the battle, the size advantage and early dominance from IW led the judges to rule the final room as an IW victory, crowning them as the champions of CPAHQ’s first tournament.

The prizes for both armies have been sent out.

The March Madness Bracket Challenge also concluded this weekend.  The result of IW 2-1-1 over ACP shook up many brackets and created an interesting scenario for predictors.  Everyone either scored a 0, 1, or 10 for the round.  A total of five submission predicted the result, which propelled three participants into an unexpected top three.  Unfortunately, their can only be one winner.  The winner of this years March Madness Bracket Challenge is…


How fitting is it that our Bracketology expert was able to jump from 4th to 1st and take home the 25 dollar Visa gift code?  With a score of 37 points, Pran eclipsed the second place submission, Lydia, by 4 points.  Pran fell victim to the wild Outstanding Octet, earning just 4 points in the round.  After that, she collected a competition high 33 points across the Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship.  Some of her most impressive predictions came where it mattered most, landing 10 points for predicting IW vs HF in the Final Four and 10 points for the aforementioned battle between ACP and IW.

The former leader, Mare, unfortunately landed a 0 for the Championship round, thus finishing in 4th place with 28 points.  The other former leader, Ferdthebird, finishes the competition in 7th place, after gaining a total of just two points in the Final Four and the Championship.  Want to know where you finished?  The Google sheet has been reopened for public viewing!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We’ll see you soon for our next community challenge.

And so the festivities of March have come to a close.  After a tournament chock full of surprises, triumph, and disappointment, the community moves forward to April.  CPAHQ’s focus now shifts towards providing the community with the best news they can find.  Stay tuned for some exciting changes taking place soon.


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