Welcome to Club Penguin Armies, the leading league organisation and news source for the Club Penguin army community. Founded in June 2022, we provide premier news coverage and updates, a dedicated Discord channel, weekly Top Tens, community tournaments, and more.


Chief Executive Producer

Mchappy, Wynn

Executive Producer




Army League Board

Calgocubs21, Dawnables, Dino, Elexonck, Lass, Legoman, ROOBOO, Sidie9

The army board will consist of all the armies that rank on the Top Ten Armies of the Month, excluding proxies and colonies. The board will therefore update monthly. The board will consist of one member from each army, who must be very active in the community and willing to engage in discussions. This member can be switched at any point. For more information, please view the League page.



DMT, DrQueen, Orange, Superhero123

The advisors will be made up of experienced individuals who have media and/or league experience. They are to offer advice to the administrators.



Editor in Chief


Managing Editor


Associate Editor


The Editor in Chiefs are responsible for the editing and reporting staff, as well as the hiring of new reporters. The Managing Editors and Associate Editors are tasked with ensuring the consistent flow of new topics, and working with the reporting team to edit and publish their work, as well as providing constructive feedback.



AustinFraud, Dawnables, Edu, Jo, Mabel, Mads, Mogi4, Nicky_3070, Sidie9, Snowy, Spinister, Toxic Storm, Ugly

The Reporters are the lifeblood of the media organisation, working to produce and publish a range of articles for the community. This includes news, columns, editorials, opinion pieces, and more. To achieve the Reporter position, a Reporter-In-Training must achieve two 7/10 or higher scores on their work.

Reporter in Training

Bigabau, Jonathan, Lunita, Mayathefirst, Night, NIKO, Waffledog, Zenshira


Top Ten Manager

Link3000, Dino

Calculations Committee

Alemax, Aubz, Disha, Edu, DrQueen, Frostty, Jak0b_TFG, jojo teri, Litt7, Mogi4, Nicky_3070, Omsk, Princhi, ROOBOO, Shallissa, Spinister, Sweater, Ugly, Wynn, Zenishira

The weekly and monthly Top Ten Armies will be completed by the following positions, with each carrying out their individual responsibilities. A Top Ten Manager will help to distribute calculations, and may also be needed to create the post. A calculations committee will recount army events and post their pictures into a channel, which will be checked by the Manager and Chief Executive Producers. The Chief Executives will check over all calculations and input them into the spreadsheet. They will then produce the post.


Community Committee Head

Aubz, Caitlin, DrQueen

Community Committee

Disha, Frickle, FWAPO, Guta, hrijo, Izzy, Jojo Teri, Legoman,
Lunita, Mare, Mchappy, Moonlemur, Mogi4, Nicky_3070, Rah, Sweater, Trails, Zay, Zenishira, Zooy

A community committee will be formed for the hosting of games and misc-style events. A Community Committee Head will run it with the guidance and help of the administration. 

Head MOderator

Mare, Sanya


Aisha, Aubz, AustinFraud, Edu14463, Kally, Mabel, Mare, Mogi4, Nicky_3070, Rah, Saber

The Moderators are tasked with the responsibility of keeping our community chat safe and ensuring all server members are complying with our list of Discord server rules. Please note, the server rules will be enforced at the discretion of the team.


Head of Branding

Master DS

Graphic Designers

BEASTO, Cassie, Dino, Frostty, Gabgeirl, Koloway, Lance, Winter Storm, Wynn


head of YouTube


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