Warfare Weekly: May 8 – May 15

Warfare Weekly is back and ready to provide you with the best shortform news in town. This week’s Warfare Weekly will review all of the headlines from May 8 to May 15 in a two minute video.

Designed by Legoman

Club Penguin Armies‘ Associate Editor, Legoman, breaks down this week’s news. The following video will go over news such as: the Elite Guardians invading the now-closed BASEDment Demons; additional map activity with Penguins of Madagascar completely removing themselves from the map; AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition continues to showcase great battles; and much more.

Warfare Weekly: May 8th - 15th

As always, a tremendous thank you to Beasto for editing the video together. What was your favorite news of the week?

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  • Mchappy

    Mchappy is currently interning at CPA as an Executive Producer. He is also known for being a Guardian Emeritus at the Army of Club Penguin, being a part of its community since 2008. In 2011, he was inducted as an official army legend. One thing that he will be remembered for is if you are actually reading this then I admire you. I was forced to write something against my will by the tyrant known as Max.

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