Top Ten Armies of the Month – January

After welcoming a New Year earlier this month, January officially marks the end of an era, as for the first time in nearly a year a new army has claimed the Top Spot. Additionally, once again a major reshuffle has occurred across the rankings, as last year’s dominant army falls by six places.

Top Ten Armies

1. Help Force [76] [↑3]

2. Ice Warriors [74] [↑4]

 3. Special Weapons and Tactics [72[↓1]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [66] [↑0]

5. Army of Club Penguin [63] [↓2]

6. Dark Vikings [58] [↑1]

7T. Baseball Team of Club Penguin [49] [↑3]

7T. Templars [49[↓6]

9. Mercenaries [36] [↓1]

10. Water Vikings [30] [↓1]

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Please Note: Due to Multi-logging during the 1st – 7th January, the Templars have received 0 for this week, therefore moving each army up by one position. 

After welcoming a New Year earlier this month, January officially marks the end of the Templar’s streak, as we witness the Help Force move up by three to claim the Top Spot. Next, we see the Ice Warriors rise by four ranks to second, with Special Weapons and Tactics moving down to third. The Rebel Penguin Federation remain at fourth, followed by the Army of Club Penguin at fifth. The Dark Vikings increase their position by one as they claim sixth. Furthermore, we see the Baseball Team of Club Penguin and the Templars tie at seventh. This Mercenaries drop down to ninth as the Water Vikings secure this month’s tenth spot.

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