Legends Cup Trophy Collection Challenge: Grand Finals Week

As we approach the Grand Finals, the Legends Cup Trophy Collection Challenge provides you with one last week of opportunity to earn your very own trophies.

Club Penguin Armies and the Community Committee bring you the Legends Cup Trophy Collection Challenge: Grand Finals Week! Solve two of the following activities to earn two trophies. Regardless of the number of additional challenges completed, only two trophies will be awarded.

Activity #1: Wordle

To solve the Wordle, click HERE.

Activity #2: Word Search

Words searching for: GrandFinals, Templars, Trophy, WaterVikings

Activity #3: Sudoku 

To solve the sudoku, click HERE.

Activity #4: sliding Puzzle

To solve the sliding puzzle, click HERE.

This weekend’s Trophy Collection Challenge will conclude at 11:59pm EST on Monday, October 17. Please send your completed activities as screenshots to one of the following: ActionsparkDrQueenMchappyMogi4Purple05 or SpottyWho will be our Trophy Collection Challenge champions?

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