Top Ten [September 25th 2022 – October 1st 2022]

With the Legends Cup finally underway, armies finish their last minute training, as the community witnesses yet another reshuffle. We welcome one major army back to the Top Three, whilst two others experience a decrease of four places.

Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [73.83] [↑0]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [46.72] [↑3]

 3. Special Weapons and Tactics [44.70[↑4]

4. Help Force [43.97] [↑0]

5. Ice Warriors [42.75] [↑1]

6. Water Vikings [40.25[↓4]

7. Army of Club Penguin [37.76] [↓4]

8. Lime Green Army [22.00] [↑0]

 9. Cherries [21.83[↓0]

10. Strawhats [15.20] [RETURN]

Click here for the Top Ten Statistics.


Stat Digest

  • The Templars had the largest maximum size this week – a total of 60 present at their Invasion of Loguetown.
  • The Rebel Penguin Federation  held the most events this week – a  huge total of 6 .
  • The largest UK/US average size was 55.33, from the Templars, while the top AUSIA average size was 24 – achieved by Help Force.
  • 6/10 armies hosted AUSIA division events this week.
  • The Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin both had the largest drop this week, of 4 positions. Meanwhile, the Special Weapons and Tactics had the biggest rise, ranking up 4 positions.
  • The Mercenaries are not present on this week’s Top Ten Armies after failing to host any events.
  • Strawhats held their final event, making this their last Top Ten
  • The Special Weapons and Tactics successfully move to the Legends Cup Semi-Finals.


1. Templars

⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 60, at “Invasion of Loguetown”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.


2. Rebel Penguin Federation 

⚡️ Number of Events: 6

🏅 Maximum Size: 32 at, “Legends Cup vs SWAT”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 1 place in the past month.


3. Special Weapons and Tactics

⚡️ Number of Events: 5

🏅 Maximum Size: 36 at, “Legends Cup vs RPF”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 1 place in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 2

🏅 Maximum Size: 25 at, “Battle” Legendary Practice”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 2  places in the past month.


5. Ice Warriors

⚡️ Number of Events: 4

🏅 Maximum Size: 27 at, “War vs StrawHats: Defence of North Pole”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.


6. Water Vikings

⚡️ Number of Events: 4

🏅 Maximum Size: 23 at their Tournament Training for LCXII

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 23 at, ” Back to XAT Days!”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.


8. Lime Green army

⚡️ Number of Events: 1

🏅 Maximum Size: 18 at “NewCP Takeover”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 1 place in the last month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 12 at “Maracas Event”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: N/A



⚡️ Number of Events: 5

🏅 Maximum Size: 11 at their “Closing Event”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 1 place in the last month.


Thank you to this week’s Top Ten Calculations Committee: Paddy, Nicky, Mogi4, DrQueen, Princhi, Dino, Alemax, Omsk, Max & Spotty.

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