CPA Battleground Scavenger Hunt

As the Summer Gala Weekend comes to an end, the Community Committee have one last surprise for you. They are proud to present to you the first CPA Battleground Scavenger Hunt!


How to play

This scavenger hunt is similar to those that were found in the original Club Penguin. In order to participate, you will need to log onto any CPA Battleground server. Once logged on, your job is to find 5 suns, like the one below, however each on will include a different letter.


  • When you find a sun you must click on it, enabling the letter to go into awards in your penguin’s inventory.
  • After you have found all 5 suns, you will need to figure out the scrambled word.
  • Once solved, type your guess into your text box like this !scav WORD.
    For example: if the letters are, S, F U, R, type in !scav SURF. 


If your answer is wrong, you will receive the following pop-up:

If you answer is correct, you will receive an exclusive Summer Umbrella pin:


Good luck to everyone wishing to participate in this Scavenger Hunt! A massive thank you to the Community Committee for such a jam-packed, fun weekend. Additionally, a  special thanks to DrQueen and Mogi4 for organising the hunt, to Dino for the graphics, and to Superhero123 for making this possible.

More Information

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