Top Ten [August 14th 2022 – August 20th 2022]

Whilst the community waits with anticipation for next weekend’s End of Summer Gala, marking the end of the holidays. This week we witness a drop in activity as just eight armies host events, whilst another reshuffling occurs in the Top Four.

Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [85.25] [↑0]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [64.93] [↑3]

3. Help Force [62.37] [↑1]

 4. Special Weapons and Tactics [54.58] [↓2]

5. Ice Warriors [48.83] [↓2]

6. Water Vikings [47.39[↑0]

7. Army of Club Penguin [37.43] [↑0]

8. Strawhats [14.50] [↑0]

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Stat Digest

  • The Templars had the largest maximum size this week – a total of 73present at their Invasion of Sour Suburbs.
  • The Rebel Penguin Federation held the most events this week – a  huge total of 17 .
  • The largest UK/US average size was 60.25, from the Templars, while the top AUSIA average size was 34.5 – achieved by Rebel Penguin Federation.
  • 6/8 armies hosted AUSIA division events this week.
  • The Special Weapons and Tactics and the Ice Warriors both had the largest drop this week, of 2 positions. Meanwhile, the Rebel Penguin Federation had the biggest rise, ranking up 3 positions.
  • The Lime Green Army, and Mercenaries  are not present on this week’s Top Ten Armies after failing to host any events.
  • This week saw only eight armies hold events, the lowest in over a year.

1. Templars

⚡️ Number of Events: 4

🏅 Maximum Size: 73 at ‘Invasion of Sour Suburbs’.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.


2. Rebel Penguin Federation 

⚡️ Number of Events: 17

🏅 Maximum Size: 36 at ‘Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0  places in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 8

🏅 Maximum Size: 29 at their ‘Practise Battle vs the Ice Warriors’.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 1 place in the past month.


4. Special Weapons and Tactics

⚡️ Number of Events: 5

🏅 Maximum Size: 39 in ‘Operation: Battle In Black’.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 2 places in the past month.


5. Ice Warriors

⚡️ Number of Events: 5

🏅 Maximum Size: 28 at ‘Simon Says’.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 2 places in the past month.


6. Water Vikings

⚡️ Number of Events: 6

🏅 Maximum Size: 25 at ‘The Irish Are Back’.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 2 places in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 21 at ‘Operation: Ascension’.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 1

place in the past month.


⚡️ Number of Events: 1

🏅 Maximum Size: 11 at ‘ Invasion of 142’.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 7  places in the past month.

Thank you to this week’s Top Ten Calculations Committee: Link3000, Yoda, Mogi, Kally & Spotty.

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