Top Ten Armies [02/06/22-02/12/22]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Under an innovative new format, we present the latest Top Ten Armies. 

Foreword on our new formatting:

Keen to continue striving towards our new ethos – “Innovation for the Community” – the CP Army HQ administration have been working on a new format for the weekly Top Ten Armies. The previous formatting has existed for well over 10 years, and we believed it had become outdated in a community that has experienced much development and progression in recent times. We believed the biographies were not working anymore, and wanted to make some positive changes that would hopefully be more engaging and interesting for our readers. While we are excited to be presenting the Top Ten differently, we are still in the experimentation stage and are open to feedback and suggestions. Please contact Kingfunks4 and Max if you would like to discuss this further.

Please note: The expected position is the ranking that the army achieved on the most recent ‘Top Ten Armies of the Month’. The maximum sizes are the claimed peaks from the armies, while the average sizes are from the calculations sheet.


1. Templars [1] [72.25]

★ Number of events: 4

★ Maximum size: 55, at a ‘War Battle’ against the Army of CP

★ Average UK/US size: 49.75

★ Average AUSIA size: 0

★ Expected Position: First [+0]

After finishing their most recent campaign, the Templars are out for more. Earlier today, the Templars published a post entitled “Vive L’Empereur“. Within the post, the Templars declare war on the Army of Club Penguin, and giving little justification on to why. One possible justification could be the varying Army of Club Penguin alternate accounts that have recently flooded the Templars discord. This has yet to have been proven true.

The Fifth Clover Crusade: Templars Declare War on Army of Club Penguin by Myth


2. Rebel Penguin Federation [1] [69.99]

Number of events: 9

Maximum size: 44, at their Operation: Pretty in Pink event

★ Average UK/US size: 34.84

★ Average AUSIA size: 28.34

★ Expected Position: Third [+1]


3. Help Force [1] [64.68]

Number of events: 3

Maximum size: 52, at their ‘CSC Mission: Rise’ event

★ Average UK/US size: 31

★ Average AUSIA size: 43.5

★ Expected Position: Fourth [+1]


4. Ice Warriors [↓2] [55.39]

Number of events: 6

Maximum size: 36, at their AUSIA Arena Training 

★ Average UK/US size: 25.75

★ Average AUSIA size: 29.5

★ Expected Position: Second [-2]

The AUSIA Arena semi-final battles were set to take place this past weekend, with the Rebel Penguin Federation triumphing over the Templars on Saturday and the Help Force set to take on the Ice Warriors on Sunday, February 6th. However, the Help Force and Ice Warriors did not make it to the battlefield, with a CP Rewritten downtime rendering the platform unplayable at the time of the battle.

– AUSIA Arena Semi-Final Battle Cancelled & Rescheduled Following CP Rewritten Downtime by Max


5. Water Vikings [0] [48.30]

Number of events: 5

Maximum size: 37, at their ‘Pizza Chef Kings’ event

★ Average UK/US size: 28.67

★ Average AUSIA size: 17

★ Expected Position: Sixth [+1]


6. Night Warriors [0] [44.50]

Number of events: 2

Maximum size: 44, at their ‘Saturday night night I like the way you move’ event

★ Average UK/US size: 35

★ Average AUSIA size: 0

★ Expected Position: Thirteenth [+7]

On February 9th, the Night Warriors leader, DFGV, announced that Lyd will be joining the leadership team, alongside him and Epic101. He also stated that this promotion is very deserving to Lyd since she had been working hard.

New Promotion: Lyd Joins the Night Warriors Leadership, by Beasto


7. Army of Club Penguin [0] [42.70]

Number of events: 4

Maximum size: 25, at their Puffle Takeover event 

★ Average UK/US size: 18.25

★ Average AUSIA size: 0

★ Expected Position: Fifth [-2]


8. Secret Service [1] [32.00]

Number of events: 4

Maximum size: 25, at their Tipping the Berg & Raid of Eclipse

★ Average UK/US size: 15.5

★ Average AUSIA size: 0

★ Expected Position: Ninth [+1]


9. Mercenaries [↑2] [24.31]

Number of events: 2

Maximum size: 15, at their training event

★ Average UK/US size: 14

★ Average AUSIA size: 13

★ Expected Position: Fourteenth [+5]

The Mercenaries of CP recently introduced a new addition to their top tier of command. Emperor Bull/Ikka announced that S/M Legend Greeny would be stepping up to lead the army.

 – Mercenary Maximized! Greeny Promoted To Commander-In-Chief, by Mythic


10. Silver Empire [1] [22.00]

Number of events: 2

Maximum size: 19, at their ‘For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow’ event

★ Average UK/US size: 14.5

★ Average AUSIA size: 0

★ Expected Position: Seventh [-3]


Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [1] [72.25]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [1] [69.99]

3. Help Force [1] [64.68]

4. Ice Warriors [↓2] [55.39]

5. Water Vikings [0] [48.30]

6. Night Warriors [0] [44.50]

7. Army of Club Penguin [0] [42.70]

8. Secret Service [1] [32.00]

9. Mercenaries [↑2] [24.31]

10. Silver Empire [1] [22.00]

11. Fighter Pilots [↑1] [16.50]

12. Special Weapons and Tactics [↑1] [12.00]

13. People’s Imperial Confederation [↓4] [11.50]

14. Eclipse of CP [NEW] [10.50]


Click HERE to view the full calculations.

Top Ten Committee: Sidie9, Scorpion Demon, Spotty, Disha, Pandor & Max


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