Advisor’s Advice: Lack of Motivation

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Being an army leader can sometimes be very stressful, commonly causing a lack of motivation. In this edition of Advisor’s Advice, I ask our army advisors how they would support their leader if they were experiencing a lack of motivation.

Welcome back to another editor of Advisors Advice. This week I went to seven different army advisors, asking them about the common topic of motivation. What advice will we end up receiving from our advisors about this topic?

The advisors were asked: 

‘What would you say to a leader who seems to be suffering from a lack of motivation?’

Cassie, Fire Warrior’s Advisor:

First of all, I’d recommend them to take a break, if possible, and to think about what they want to achieve with the army. Perhaps a shift of focus could help as well, as its easy to get too consumed with numbers and image, which kills the fun of armies after a while. So having fun events and getting to know their troops better can help bring back that joy and motivation they lost along the way.

Morty, Help Force Advisor:

OH good question. A leader wears a lot of hats. Promote the army and keep recruiting new troops. Create events, train the troops, do promotions, edits blogs content. Sometimes the work can get you down. But you should remember that your army is a family and as leader you want to show that family to never give up and always move forward. You are a role model for people to look up to and admire. Becoming a leader takes a lot, so once you make it there give it all you got because your time is now and that can change faster than you think.

Shinde, Ice Warrior’s Advisor:

I would suggest to take a different perspective on the game and think about what made them enjoy playing the game and return to that. If that doesn’t help, I would suggest taking a few days off from armies. Taking breaks can really clear the mind.

Retire. I’ve been in the same position myself multiple times. If the army doesn’t motivate you anymore maybe you can find one that does or step away from the community as a whole.

Crazzy, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Advisor:

I’d probably have a confrontational chat with the leader(s), addressing the concerns I have with the army. If motivation is the issue, then I’d try to bring up what they think their plan is with the army, and how they see themselves in 3 months or even 6 months down the line with them. I’m big on having set plans and making sure things stay in order, so usually while advising I try to promote organization. It’s easy to lose motivation especially now with the not so active army scene. If the leaders can mentally outline what their goals are (even if it’s short term goals) and their future impacts, whether it’s in CPA or within their own army, I think that will be the difference. Just being able to regain focus and set goals, will trickle down to the staff below them and their troops.

Anonymous Templar’s Advisor:

One of the biggest things about the Club Penguin Armies, or any army for that matter, is motivation. If a leader lacks motivation, it will bring the moral of the troops down. I’ve been in this since the days of the nachos ruling over original Club Penguin, and I can say for certainty that motivation is a key part to this. Realistically there are no stakes, there is no big prize, but its about the community built with these armies. If you don’t have motivation to keep leading an army, there is no shame in passing the torch onto another and remaining in the community. We’re doing this to have fun, and if you stop having fun then what’s the point?

DF44, Water Viking’s Advisor:

I think that the first thing I would do is advise them to take a break and focus on irl for a few days. Taking breaks from this whole community and environment is a good idea to rebuild motivation. Then I’d tell them to think about the best things of being in this community, which in my opinion is friendships and achieving goals. In the case of Water Vikings I’d remind them that they are leading an incredible and legendary army and that there are a lot of reasons to stay there and lead it to glory. Unfortunately, lack of motivation is common amongst leaders of several armies. However, we always find a reason to come back strong and dedicate some time to our armies again.

This week all of our advisors agreed with each other and have offered the same advice, to take a short break to clear your head and make plans for the future. There is no question that leading an army can be extremely stressful, and can affect our everyday lives. What would you do if you saw your leader or fellow friend suffering from lack of motivation? Would you offer the same advice as our advisors?

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