CPAHQ Presents: ‘The Pochoma Trophy’ Art Competition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The CP Army HQ administration are ecstatic to present ‘The Pochoma Trophy’ art competition.

Named after the legendary graphic designer and 2012 army legend, Pochoma123, this art competition has been designed to encourage the artists and graphic designers of our community to get creating! Pochoma revolutionised Club Penguin army graphics in the early days of the original community, bringing his modern style and superior quality to many armies and most famously, the CP Army Central media organisation.

It is therefore only right that we dedicate this art competition trophy to him, as we look to encourage more of our members to let their creativity flourish on a community-wide platform.

Rules & Information

The brief for this art competition is simple: create a digital or hand-drawn work of art that is related to Club Penguin Armies.

  • You must submit your entry, and the title of your art work, to Max on Discord ([max]#2933).
  • This is an independent contest, so do not collaborate with others  If you’re found working with another contestant or receiving outside help, you will be disqualified.
  • No multiple entries: if you would like to replace your entry before the time limit, please Max know via Direct Message.
  • Please do not include anything offensive or disrespectful in your drawing.
  • Do not put your watermark or name on the graphic. To ensure the judging is fair, the graphics will be reviewed by judges without the knowledge of who made what.

The submission period will be open for 2 weeks, and will close at midnight EST on Saturday, January 22nd.


Judging Process

We have assembled a talented judging panel consisting of three expert graphic artists: Dino, Frostty, and Revan. Each judge has prepared some words below to introduce themselves, as well as lay out their expectations.

Dino: Hello! I’m Dino, a GFX designer who currently works at both WV and CPAHQ. Been in the community since 2015. I’ve been doing graphic design since mid-2017 and CPA graphics since as early as late-2018 for RPF. Since then, I’ve been involved in many graphical projects, including redesigns of some websites such as CPAHQ. I’ve personally been mentored by people such as Koloway and Zamb in my time as a CPA designer. What I’ll be looking for in this process is quality and innovation. I love to see it when designers go the extra mile of adding extra detail to make things better. Obviously, over-abundance is not a good thing, but the more effort that is done into an art piece or picture design, the better. I also like to see designs that think outside the book and tap into ideas that most designers/artists don’t typically do. These two qualities are what I’ll be looking forward to the most in this contest.

Frostty: Hello, I’m Frostty. Im currently the GFX designer for CPAHQ and have recently also joined the Templars. I have been around this community since mid 2019. I started doing GFX design in 2019 for the Pirates and some other armies along my stretch of being in the community. I will be looking for creativity and the structure of things in designs. As a designer you always want to be creative with any design. The structure of things, you always want your design to make sense with everything in the picture, the flow of things from one aspect of an element to the next for the whole design itself. Also I would like to say don’t be nervous and good luck!

Revan: Hello my name is Revan I am one the current Water Vikings leaders and graphic designers and have been kicking around the community since 2010. I began doing graphics back in 2011 and later began drawing to further my graphic skills in 2015. My graphics have been used for many different armies over the time but most recently you will find my graphics in Water Vikings and you’ll see most salutes for armies like RPF, HF, WV, SE and lots more were drawn by me. In this competition i’ll be focusing on looking at key little details which help pull your graphic together and give it that extra something to grab peoples attention. I’ll also be looking at uniqueness and how you are able to make yours stand out and be something that others would not think of.



We are thrilled to be offering the following prizes to our winner and two runner-ups. All the submissions will feature in a dedicated CP Army HQ blog post, so even if you do not win, your art will be shared with the community!

First Place: A vanity trophy, Discord Nitro, early access to CPA Battleground, Discord Role with custom color of choice + custom icon, picture perms & 50K bot money

Second Place: Custom colored Discord role, picture perms & 30K bot money

Third Place: Custom colored Discord role, picture perms & 20K bot money


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the competition, please contact me and I will do my best to help. Thank you to everyone that intends to support this competition by entering – I wish you the best of luck! 

More Information

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  • Max

    Max is currently serving as Club Penguin Armies Chief Executive Producer. He is known for his positions as a CPA Headquarters Vice Director (2022), ACP Leader (2021), and CP Army Hub Executive Producer (2020). He won ‘Best Admin’ in the End of Summer Awards 2020, as well as ‘Best Editor’, ‘Top Post’ & ‘Best Column’ in the CPAHQ 2021 Staff Awards.

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  2. NotMemero January 17, 2022 (10:04 pm)

    In my very humble opinion, this art contest should have been named after the legendary Memero. Memero is a very good artist and well-known apprentice to Leonardo Davincci. Memero is also very muscular.

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