CPAHQ’s End of 2021 Schedule

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The end of the year is always a busy time for the community, and 2021 is no different.  Check out all that is in store as we wrap up the calendar year!

Monday, December 27th:

  • Last day to vote on the CPAHQ Staff Awards:  The Google form to vote can be found HERE.  As a reminder, CPAHQ is not collecting emails from the Google form, but it still still advised to use a Club Penguin specific account.
  • CPAHQ Winter Series 2021 feedback form: The first iteration of the CPAHQ map is coming to a close, and the administration wants to hear from the community on how we can improve the map for the better.  The Google form can be found HERE.  As a reminder, CPAHQ is not collecting emails from the Google form, but it is still advised to use a Club Penguin specific account.

Tuesday, December 28th:

  • Top Ten Posts of 2021: The upper level staff at CPAHQ came together to list what they view as the cream of the crop when it comes to the content produced from this year.

Wednesday, December 29th:

  • End of Year Gala: Continuing a tradition established last year, the End of Year Gala will take place on Club Penguin as a time for the community to bond together at 4 PM EST.
  • Special Announcement: Immediately following the End of Year Gala, a special announcement from CPAHQ will be released.

Thursday, December 30th:

  • CPAHQ Staff Awards: In a live event hosted by DMT, the results of the Staff Awards will be released.  Alongside the awards voted on in the aforementioned Google form, special awards selected by the administration will be announced as well.  The live reveal of the awards will take place at 5 PM EST.
  • CPAHQ Staff Party: Once the Staff Awards concludes, the staff at CPAHQ will engage in a very special game night to celebrate all the hard work they powered through this year.

Friday, December 31st:

  • CPAHQ Rewind 2021: Another post established last year, the rewind returns this year to neatly put together everything that took place over the past 12 months.
  • End of Year Remarks from CPAHQ: The CPAHQ Administration reflects on 2021 and all that transpired, offering their thoughts and hope to the community.

Saturday, January 1st

  • Top Ten Armies of 2021: As the calendar flips over to 2022, the always exciting Top Ten Armies of 2021 will be released, showcasing which armies spent the most time in the limelight.
  • We’re Still Here! 2022 at CPAHQ: A brief look ahead to all the events that CPAHQ has planned for the new year.

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