Get to Know Your Staff of CPAHQ – Head Judge Df44

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Welcome back to get to know your staff of CPAHQ! For this week I have chosen Df44, who is currently our Head Judge. How did he get started in his career as a judge, and how did he join the army community? Read on more to find out!

Df44 found about the Club Penguin Armies in 2010 after seeing either a Water Viking or Ice Warriors event. Fast-forward to the year 2020, Df44 was recruited into the Water Vikings. He eventually climbed up the ranks to 3rd in command. In June 2021, He left the Water Vikings to help revive the Smart Penguins alongside Superhero123. 

While leading the Smart Penguins, they had a successful generation where they competed in the Legends Cup XI against the Water Vikings with a max of 20. Then went into war against the Golden Troops where they won. After the shutdown of Smart Penguins, Df44 joined the Silver Empire as 2nd in command. He then helped the army as much as possible to grow bigger than ever. Then in October, he was promoted to Silver Commander during World War VIII.

Within the CPAHQ community, he has become a reporter, moderator, and judge. He also holds as a content moderator for the Club Penguin Army Wiki. During the Project Conquest tournament, Df44 was promoted to Head Judge.

I was able to get a hold of Df44 on his thoughts of being staff in the CPAHQ community.

How did you end becoming a Head Judge for CPAHQ?

I judged a multitude of battles during Project Conquest and was really active in terms of judging so the other head judges and administrators thought I would fit.

Seeing as you are a current leader of Silver Empire and Head Judge in CPAHQ, do you have any plans to help achieve your goals?

Either in SE or in CPAHQ my primary goal is mainly contributing to maintaining a healthy community. I try to put perspective in everything, and even though this is just a game it can absorb you in such a strange way. It can even lead you to not think straight sometimes. Life is made of errors that may define you, no one is perfect, you just got to acknowledge it and learn from it. Same in CPA, even though I’m not perfect I work hard to achieve my goals.

Do you have any favorite memories within the army community?

The moment I got promoted to Silver Commander, it really meant a lot to me. I can also highlight leading Smart Penguins and getting HCOM in the Water Vikings. All of that wouldn’t of course be possible without the people I’ve met in my career, the favorite memories I have been with them.

Do you have any encouraging words for those that wish to become judges one day?

Apply! This is a game and judging is a fun part of it, even if you don’t think you’re capable or won’t be accepted just do it. On a general note, never underestimate yourself. (do as I say not as I do lol)


It appears that DF44 has done a lot during his time in the Club Penguin Army Community. Df44 even has plans to help achieve his goals as well, while holding the position of leader and head judge. He has come a long way to get where he’s at today. What do you guys think of his journey within the community?

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