Soaked In Victory: Monstah Leads WAP To Success

SNOW DRIFT, Wet Army Penguins Capital – With another war brewing for them, the Wet Army Penguins witnessed a new addition to their leadership. How did this induction impact the war?

The Wet Army Penguins opened its doors in August 2021. Originally starting out as a troll army, Pandor and Toxic Storm led the army. They received a lot of publicity recently, engaging in wars between the Special Weapons and Tactics, as well as previous wars with the Trojans. Recently, the Trojans announced the comeback of the conflict with the Wet Army, reinitiating their war against them. The official declaration, along with the war terms, can be found here.

A recent WAP event.

On November 2nd 2021, Pandor made an announcement in the Wet Army Penguin’s Discord Server. This statement introduced Monstah as the 6th leader of the army, joining Pandor and Mistymoonlake in leadership. The change in leadership proved to be of great help during the conflict with the Trojans, with the Wet Army Penguins emerging victorious. Following the Wet Army’s victory, they held a celebratory event on November 6th, in which they maxed 14+.

Pandor’s announcement inducting Monstah as leader.

Monstah originally learnt about armies back in 2012; however it wasn’t until 2018 that he became more involved, finding himself in leadership and HCOM positions in armies such as the Pirates, the Ice Warriors and the Doritos of Club Penguin. He soon settled in the Dark Warriors and ranked up to Second in Command until mid-2020. At the same time, Monstah would create the Elite Forces of CP in July 2020; under the guise of TD999. The army merged into Silver Empire in September 2020.

Monstah disappeared from the battlefield until December 2020, when he would create the Secret Service with Toxic Storm. Following the shutdown of the Secret Service, Monstah went inactive until summer 2021, when he would revive the Secret Service for a second generation alongside Dman64w. He retired from leadership in August 2021, and would roam as a community member until his latest induction as Wet Army Penguins leader.

Club Penguin Army Network sat down with Monstah amidst the Wet Army’s war against the Trojans, to learn more about his plans for the army.

Congratulations on becoming leader of the Wet Army Penguins! How do you feel now that you’re leading an army again?

I feel invincible.

Last time we saw you, you had retired from CPA. What convinced you to change your mind?

Confidential reason, can’t disclose.

Seeing as a new war broke out with the Trojans, do you think WAP will win under your leadership?

Yes, we will be breaking some penguin bones.

Do you have anything further to add?

I am penguin club illuminati member.

It seems like Monstah’s sudden return to Club Penguin Armies lifted up the Wet Army Penguin’s chances of coming out on top. Moving forward, we wish him the best of luck leading the army

What do YOU think? Will the Wet Army Penguins find themselves in another war soon? Will Monstah lead the army to new heights? How will the Trojans recover from their defeat? Let us know your thoughts in our Discord Server!


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