Eclipse of Club Penguin Announces Closure

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Among all the wars going on recently, the Eclipse of Club Penguin have decided to shut the doors to their army. What led to this sudden decision?

The Eclipse of Club Penguin were created by Todoro. Their first event was held on July 31st of this year, with a max of 6. Todoro continued to lead alone, and ECP continued to host events, and soon after on the 15th of August, Da best was promoted to leader. However, with his promotion followed drama as the Eclipse of Club Penguin discord server was defaced two weeks later, on 29th August.

ECP’s first event

Still recovering from the Defacement, the Eclipse decided to add a new face to their leadership as Yetico was promoted. However, he wouldn’t lead for long as merely six days after his promotion the Eclipse of Club Penguin decided to go on a hiatus. They once more reopened their doors on 9th October, and soon after on 18th October, Pink Cloud joined the leadership team.

Pink Cloud being promoted to leader

Tension followed, as in the last quarter of October, WAP declared war on the Eclipse. ECP started off well, successfully invading Snow Drift. However, after that most invasions were invalidated due to a variety of different reasons, and soon after the Eclipse announced their shutdown.

Eclipse Shutdown announcement; Click to enlarge

To find out more about their shutdown, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Todoro for an interview:

Why did you decide to shut down the army?

We decided to shut down the army because, we had been thinking it was best to shut it down as it wasnt going anywhere as we hoped it would from the revival about two months ago.

Can we expect a possible revival in the future?

Possibly. As for now, we are letting it rest.

What is your favorite memory from this generation?

From this generation, one my favorite memory was, the legend himself IceyFeet who is leader of Ice Warriors, they came to our revival event that had happened two months ago. another one would be us maxing 8 which would be our 2nd highest max away from the first generation which was 12 from the help of allies.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Would like to say thank you to my friends, our allies, even to the leaders of ecp for making this possible and for supporting ecp as well. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. ECP FTW!. <3


It seems that Eclipse has had a fun ride, and is ready to rest. However, a possible future revival does not seem to be out of the question and a third generation may soon bloom to life. What comes next? Only time can tell.

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