Shining Bright: Pink Cloud Promoted To Eclipse Commander

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Eclipse of Club Penguin continues to shine bright as Pink Cloud recently received a promotion to Commander. However, with war looming around the corner for the newcomers, exactly what lies in the future of Eclipse?

Todoro created the uniquely named Eclipse of Club Penguin on July 31st of this year. Todoro created the army as a means to have some fun on the side, but it quickly grew into a more serious small army. Despite suffering a defacement in which most of their members were kicked, the Eclipse recovered and continued to grow. Following a successful entrance to the community, the army shut down on September 14th, due to a lack of active members. After the short break, they returned with a strong revival event in October. Throughout the month, the army has been consistently climbing up the weekly Top Tens.

Eclipse maxing 8 during a recent training event.

Pink Cloud joined the Eclipse on October 9th, the same day as the army’s revival event. However, the Eclipse isn’t her first army. She first entered the army community through the Lime Green Army. Since then, she joined several other armies, serving as a Sergeant of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and as a Leader in Training of the Secret Service. She would later turn out to be a huge boon to the Eclipse. Her activeness gave fresh hope to the recently revived army. After proving herself invaluable as a staff member, Todoro announced Pink Cloud’s promotion to Commander on October 18th.

Pink Cloud’s Promotion Announcement.

Two days after her promotion, the Wet Army Penguins, former allies, declared war on the Eclipse. To find out more about Pink Cloud’s plans to lead the army through the war, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to her for an interview.

What was your reaction to the announcement about your promotion to Commander?

I was very happy to know that I am ECP leader! I always wanted to lead an army and I finally got the chance to! Hopefully I can make ECP a lot better and stronger.

In a previous interview, you mentioned that you are looking forward to a war. Wet Army Penguins recently declared war on the Eclipse. What are your plans for this war?

We would not like to disclose our plan for the war yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it as a leader. We hope to work out a peace treaty after the invasion.

What do you love the most about leading an army?

I love leading events and managing the army. The best part would probably be meeting new people making and new army connections!

Who is your mentor in armies as a leader?

Yes, I would like to thank Da Best for giving me the opportunity of becoming a leader. I wouldn’t be in ECP in the first place if it wasn’t for him!

After the interview, we can draw the conclusion that this war is definitely going to be interesting. With Pink Cloud displaying such passion to lead her army into war, the Eclipse will certainly be putting on an entertaining show! We are looking forward to seeing what’s next from them.

What do YOU think about Pink Cloud’s promotion? Will Eclipse continue to grow, or will they shut down once again? Let us know your thoughts in our Discord server!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Network Reporter

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