Champions Cup VI Week Two Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The second week of the Champions Cup VI has finished now come to an end. Which armies have made it so far into the tournament? Were the predictions right from the first round? Which armies do you think will reach the final round? Read on more to find out down below. 

Red Ravagers vs People Imperial Confederation

In the first battle for the second round of the Champions Cup VI, we saw the Red Ravagers go up against the People Imperial Confederation. PIC are currently at 9th place on the top ten, with RR closely behind them at 10th. At first, it was supposed to be a no-show from the Red Ravagers. But then at the last minute decision, Yeti decided to show up to the battle. Each army fought well but due to size advantage from PIC, and Yeti logging off, the People Imperial Confederation won the battle with 2-0.

People Imperial Confederation vs Red Ravagers.

Templars vs Silver Empire

For the second battle of round 2, we saw the Templars go against the Silver Empire. Both armies are currently close to each other on the top ten, with the Silver Empire in 5th, and the Templars in 6th. During the battle, we saw both armies put up a good fight, making it harder for the judges, but due to the size advantage along with speed, the Templars came out victorious with a 3-0 win.

Silver Empire vs Templars.

Red Ravagers vs Water Vikings. 

The final battle of round two saw the Water Vikings log on against the Red Ravagers. Currently, the Water Vikings place 7th on the top ten with Red Ravagers at 10th. The Red Ravagers were once again a no-show. Despite this, the Water Vikings logged on with a max of 23, winning the battle after room one.

Red Ravagers vs Water Vikings.

The second round of the Champions Cup VI has come to a close, where we saw another 4 armies go up against each other to earn their spot in the final round. In case you missed the first round of the tournament, you can read it here. With round two over, it is now official, the Templars will be going up against the Water Vikings in the Grand Final next week! Good luck to both of them! Which army do you guys think will win the Grand Final? 


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