Champions Cup VI predictions Week 1

Klondike- CP Army Headquarters- With Champions Cup VI starting this weekend, we are back once again with the staff predictions. Which armies will win in week 1, and start the tournament off at the top of the table?  Let’s see what members of the CPAHQ staff have to say!

Silver Empire vs Wet Army Penguins

The first battle of the tournament is Silver Empire vs Wet Army Penguins. In the most recent Top Ten, we saw Silver Empire place 8th whereas the Wet Army Penguins placed 9th. However, the Wet Army Penguins are currently involved in a war against Trojans.

KingFunks: Site Manager- Silver Empire (3-0)

Sidie: Vice Director- Silver Empire (2-0-1)

Rach: Column Manager- Silver Empire (3-0)


Water Vikings vs People’s Imperial Confederation

The second battle of the week is between Water Vikings and People’s Imperial ConfederationIn the most recent Top Ten, we saw Water Vikings place 6th whilst People’s Imperial Confederation placed 12th. People’s Imperial Confederation were at war with the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army before it ended on the 15th of September.

KingFunks: Site Manager- Water Vikings  (3-0)

Sidie: Vice Director- Water Vikings (2-1-0)

Rach: Column Manager- Water Vikings (2-1)


Wet Army Penguins vs Templars 

Our final battle of the week will be Wet Army Penguins vs Templars. In the Top Ten we saw Wet Army Penguins place 9th whilst Templars placed 3rd. In recent events, Templars have been involved in war with the Army of Club Penguin and with the Ice Warriors.

KingFunks: Site Manager- Templars  (3-0)

Sidie: Vice Director- Templars  (3-0)

Rach: Column Manager- Templars (3-0)


That’s all the battles of week 1, which army will dominate the top of their table? If you would like to track the battles and the results join our Discord server.

What do YOU think? Do you agree with the staff predictions? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments or on our Discord server!

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