Smart Penguins bid Farewell to the Army Community

ICE BREAKER, Former Smart Penguins Capital – After the declaration of lockdown, the Smart Penguins have announced their closure, 3 months into this current generation. What was the reason behind this decision?

After being under lockdown, since the August 20th – on September 7th, df44, the current Commander-in-Chief of Smart Penguins announced that they will be shutting down, thus bringing an end to the sixth generation of the army. The farewell event happened earlier on the same day, wherein a total of 14 penguins showed up and waved goodbye to this generation. df44 wrote a post on their official website, titled “Farewell” where he expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all the support and love, that the army had received, and exclaimed how proud and happy he was of all that the army had achieved in such a short duration of time.

df44 announcing the closure of Smart Penguins

A picture from the last event of Smart Penguins

The Smart Penguins, originally known as Smarty Penguins, was created by Vivek and Dinesh on September 19th, 2013. Superhero123 joined a week later and became leader after creating Smart Penguins’ first website. In October 2013, the army engaged in their first war with the Ice Hounds, an army created by Son Nav, and have known to have a year-lasting rivalry with the Light Troops, after their event was raided by the Troops. In December 2013, the army jumped into a war against the Exrate Army, created and led by Earthing, which resulted in a victory for the Smart Penguins. March of 2014 can be considered as one of the most successful months for the army. With Andy joining the leadership – the army maxed up to 18 in every event and reached 9th on the CPAC Top Ten. In SMAC Summer Awards 2014, the army won the award for the Biggest Rise and has also bagged the trophy for SMAC Continental Cup Winner soon after. The army has been home to several known leaders, some of who include – Vivek, Astro, Superhero123, Dinesh, Rishron, and Andy. The army was one of the strongest armies to exist in the period from 2013 to 2016.

Smart Penguins’ First Event in September 2013

In June 2021, the Smart Penguins was once again revived and their return to the army community was announced on June 5th. The opening event took place on June 26th, following which, the Smart Penguins participated in a war, two tournaments, and several battles, achieving consistent maxes. In July, the army took part in Legends Cup XI, where they battled against the Water Vikings in the first round. The declaration of war against the Golden Troops followed this event. The army had made impressive feats, placing 7th in Top Ten, at the beginning of August. They then went on to participate in the Challengers Cup 2, where they won against the Elite Federals in the first round but lost to the Fire Warriors in the second round. Following their participation in CC II, they signed a treaty with Golden Troops ending their war with a victorious score of 6-0-3. This year, the army has been nominated for the summer awards of Best SM ArmyBest New ArmyBest SM Leaders (df44 and Superhero123), and Best SM HCOM (Da Best). The army won the award for Best New Army.

Smart Penguins in a battle against the Golden Troops

To find out more about the closure of Smart Penguins, CPAHQ reached out to df44, former Smart Penguins Leader.

Why did the Smart Penguins decide to close their gates?

After the lockdown, we realized that the main goals for this generation were already achieved. With a lack of active staff and members, and with the September drop, we decided it would be the right time to put an end to the generation.

What according to you has been a highlight for the army?

There are definitely some moments to highlight. For me, one of the best moments was when we reached our biggest ever max of 22 in a regular event. The other would absolutely be Legends Cup round one against the Water Vikings where we maxed 20.

Could you share some of your favorite memories associated with the army?

Definitely, the first moments, people were really excited and I got a lot of support from everyone.

Do you think the army will be back for a 7th generation?

I’m not sure if there will be a seventh generation but maybe in the future you will see the Smart Penguins again.

Before we conclude, is there anything else you would like to say, or any advice you would like to give to the readers in general?

Never give up, believe in yourself. I’d like to thank to everyone that believed in me and my leadership of this legendary army. FEAR THE IQ!

With the closure and shutdown of one of the oldest armies in the community, one can only hope that they make a comeback soon. Since their creation in 2013, the Smart Penguins have proved itself as a SM Powerhouse, and it will definitely be interesting to see, how the other armies fare with them taking leave from the army community.

What do YOU think? What are your thoughts on this closure? Do you think the Smart Penguins will make a return to the army community for a 7th generation? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below, or in our discord server!


CP Army Headquarters – Reporter

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