Secret Service Announces Closure

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Not long after winning the Park Closure Protocol, the Secret Service announced their closure. What led to this decision? 

Ever since its official creation on October 20th, 2020 by TD99, Secret Service has proven itself to be an S/M powerhouse. During their first-generation, they reached #1 on CP Army Hub’s Top Ten, frequently reaching maxes of 18+. While the first generation only lasted two months, shutting down in December 2020, they wasted no time reviving on July 3rd. This second-generation didn’t disappoint! It reached the Semi-Finals of the challenger’s cup, and recently won a war against Sidie’s Rangers!

Unfortunately, on August 24th, the Secret Service released a shutdown post to announce their closure, as well as a final event on August 28th.In their post, Dman64w revealed he’d only intended to lead temporarily, and could not continue when his co-leaders departed. However, he hinted that there could be a 3rd generation in the near future. Their final event was held yesterday, with 14 penguins in attendance.

Secret Service’s final event, Operation: Farewell

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Dman64w to learn more about the army’s closure.

Dman64w: We’ve been talking about closing for a while now, and originally planned to do so after the end of our run in the Challenger’s Cup, then the war happened in which half of our HCOM departed in the middle of it and it got to a point where we couldn’t really continue any longer, especially with the September drop coming up.

It looks like the agents couldn’t stay afloat. Despite this unfortunate end, they promised they’d return. There’s no doubt that they have more surprises (or secrets) in store for us!
What do YOU think? Will Secret Service really make a comeback? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments!
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