Conflict in the Outback: Secret Service Declare War on Sidie’s Rangers

Down Under, Secret Service Capital – Just weeks before the annual September Drop, the Secret Service finds themselves at war with Sidie’s Rangers. What was the reasoning behind the start of this conflict?

Established on October 20th, 2020, by TD999, the Secret Service would eventually become a small/medium powerhouse. Originally led by TD999, ToxicStorm, and JoelFreak: the agents would achieve first place on the Club Penguin Army Hub’s Small/Medium Top Ten within two weeks of their creation. The army also took part in a few tournaments throughout 2020, such as the Army of Club Penguin’s Aces of AUSIA, and Christmas Chaos X. The army shut down in late 2020, yet would be revived on July 3rd, 2021.

Secret Service during a training event

Sidie’s Rangers, founded May 17th, is a current colony of the People’s Imperial Confederation. The army took part in  CPAHQ’s Project Conquest in June 2021. Along with a tournament debut, they also had a feud with the now-dead Medieval Warriors.

On August 20, 2021, Dman64w announced a declaration of war against the Rangers (read more here). Dman64w claimed that the objective for the war is to claim more land on the Club Penguin Army Network map. Sidie’s Rangers have not responded to this declaration yet. 

War Terms for Secret Service vs Sidie’s Rangers

The Army Network reached out to both Dman64w and Shallissa regarding the recent war declarations. Dman64w had the following the say:

September is fast approaching and the leadership team is expected to depart such that they can focus on their school life and other duties. We’ve had our moments to shine, and we want to make sure we have one last bang before we’re likely to pull the plug.

Shallissa gave the following statement:

The Secret Sissy deplorables have committed multiple acts of clownery against our nation. Not only are they stealing our jobs and trying to inject us with microchips; they attempted to riot against the results of an honest and fair Challengers Cup 2 battle to OVERTURN THE RESULTS OF OUR VICTORY (Sad!). Who would do such a thing?! SS are a threat to our democracy and to every penguin in the lands of Outback. Their war terms are laughable and PROVE that their leadership has no idea how armies work or what it takes to run a successful one. Sidie’s Rangers will use that to our advantage in our fight to STOP THE STEAL and destroy the Secret Sissies. We defeated them without allies and dual enlisted members once, and we will do it again. FEAR THE HOOT!

Both armies seem to be fairly ready for the fast-approaching war. While the Secret Service is ready to show how powerful they truly are, Sidie’s Rangers disagrees and believes they’re being unfair, exploiting different clauses within their terms.

As yet another war breaks out between the small/medium armies, the future is surely uncertain for all parties involved. Who will come out victorious in the end? Will these two put their differences aside in the future?

What do YOU think? Who do you think will win this war? Will these two ever make up? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord?


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