CPAN LCXI Review: Finals & Tournament Summary

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters –  A few hours ago, the army community witnessed the grand finale of the Legends XI tournament. Who took home the trophy?

On August 14th, the final battle of the Legends XI tournament occurred between the Rebel Penguin and the Help Force. Both armies performed astoundingly, but only one can come out victorious – what was the ending to this battle?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force

The grand finals between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force occurred on the Club Penguin Rewritten server Abominable at 2 pm EST. The battle took place in the rooms Inside Mine, Stadium, and Iceberg. The Federation reached a max of 89 while the Helpers achieved 80 troops in attendance.

The Rebels were able to win over the Inside Mine with their coverage even though the Help Force had entered formation first, winning them the first room. However, the Helpers were able to win the second room with their size, coverage, and creative tactics. In the final room, the Rebels had a big size advantage above the Helpers and dominated with their tactics and size, winning them the last room. With a 2-1 score, the Rebel Penguin Federation had triumphed as the winners of the Legends Cup.

Judge DMT commented the following after the results were released:

In the mine, both armies got off to a clean start with their bombs and subsequent formations. HF were able to get into formation first, which cause some slight issues for RPF troops. The two armies engaged in a heavy amount of banter, matching each other’s word tactics, spam tactics, and emotes. RPF beat HF to the second form though, succeeding in covering their opponents. HF kept the pace with a solid X, though. RPF squeezed in one final room change, a passable L, that really exposed some gaps in a form that HF kept for longer than they should have.

The stadium saw HF jump out to a quick advantage in terms of size and performance. The first phase saw lots of coverage for them alongside slightly more creative tactics and their completion. RPF had a missed opportunity to cover HF with their emote rake, as the still in form HF also did emotes. The second RPF form was a V, which flipped the script of this battle. HF were slow to respond, not changing their form for another minute, and RPF maintained their coverage after that. RPF deployed a scatter emote bomb, which left both armies looking disorganized. Harkening back to the size advantage at the beginning for HF, they eek out a win here.

The final room was controlled quickly by RPF, jumping out to a size advantage of 10+ even with 4 scouters from HF present in the Iceberg. RPF claimed a circle which only enhanced their visual dominance. HF actually deployed some stunning choices, such as sitting on RPF and a glorious Z wipe, but every call was matched by RPF with tact and speed. Despite some repeated tactics, RPF shut out HF here on the basis of size.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation has won the Legends XI tournament, claiming their sixth Legends Cup trophy. All of us at the Club Penguin Army Network would like to thank all the judges, participants, organizers, leaders, and troops for their participation in this year’s Legends Cup tournament. But what will happen next? Don’t worry, the CP Army Network will update you on the next tournament!

What do YOU think? Did you expect these results? Let us know what YOU think in our Discord server’s general chat!


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