CPAN LCXI Predictions: Finals

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – As the finals of this years’ Legends Cup draws closer, the community is all looking forward to a battle to remember. What is CPAN staff expecting and who do they think will win?

The semi-finals saw both the Help Force and the Rebel Penguin Federation win their heated battles, but only one can emerge as the winner of this years’ Legends Cup. Who will claim the trophy? CP Army Network staff have their predictions for you!

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Help Force

The Rebel Penguin Federation placed first on the most recent Top Ten, whereas the Helpers placed fourth. Both showed great sizes in the semis, with the Rebels maxing 80 against Templars, and the Helpers showing a peak of 83 when battling the Ice Warriors.

Both armies have shown to be powerhouses since they started the tournament and are excited for the finals to battle one another. The CP Army Network staff have their predictions for you on this final battle.

RPF vs TCP in the Semifinals

IW vs HF in the semifinals

F6sixer,  Interim Administrator: RPF
Iceyfeet, Interim Administrator: RPF
Ree, Editor: RPF
Kally, Editor: RPF
Sweater, Editor: HF

The predictions all lean to one side, but the finals will commence in a few hours, and we’ll see for ourselves who will come out as the winner. Will we have a new army added to the Legends Cup winners or will the Rebels come out victorious once more This tournament has been fun to spectate and we cannot wait to see who comes out on top!

What do YOU think? Do YOU have your own predictions? Make sure to voice those opinions in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord!


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