Elite Federals’ Reinstatement in the Army Community

ALASKA, Elite Federals Historic Capital – Following a 5 year period of inactivity, the Elite Federals of Club Penguin have returned to the community under the helm of Midnight6403.

Originally founded in 2014 by Flynn12298 and Earthing, Elite Federals not only went by a different name, but they also managed to reach sizes of up to 13 penguins in standard training events, making them a notable force in the army community. Despite the army’s good standing, it eventually faded away from the community.

Although the Elite Federals came back in the summer of 2015, led by Flynn12298, and even participated in a war in which they provided assistance to their allies, their return was short-lived, as the army dispersed once more. It wasn’t until November of 2016 that the Elite Federals returned again, with the intention of making a huge impact in the army community. After being unable to meet their goals, the army ended up shutting down one last time. 

After a considerable gap of about 5 years, the Elite Federals resumed their operations under Midnight6403‘s command. To commemorate their comeback, the leadership announced an opening event, scheduled for July 24th 2021, in which they maxed a total of 9 penguins. In spite of just landing in the army community after so many years and only hosting one event, they placed 19th in the latest Top Ten, which seems like a promising start for this fourth generation of Elite Federals.

EFCP Revival Event

Elite Federals during their reopening event

Club Penguin Army Network had the opportunity to interview current Elite Federals leader, Midnight6403, in an attempt to find out more about the sudden reappearance of the army.

Interview Section

How do you feel about the army’s comeback in the community?

I think we can be better than the former generations and max greater sizes.

What can we expect from the army now that it’s been revived?

We have been having problems with an army and we may go to war soon. We will also be trying to get as much land as we can.
What reasons led to the army’s reestablishment?
Well, I wanted to revive an army since it’s hard to create a new one. I found out about Elite Federals and who the creators were, I remembered flynn from an army I led 2 years ago and asked him for perms.
Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Congratulations to EFCP on their revival! We are interested to see how the army keeps on evolving! So be sure to stay up to date with our articles, as we’ll keep you posted on the latest news from the community!
What do YOU think? Will this new generation of Elite Federals seal the deal and prosper? Or will we witness another unexpected hiatus from them in the future? Leave YOUR thoughts in CPAN’s Discord!
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