The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? F6sixer from RPF

Snow Storm, Coding Basement – Eight months have passed and the coding monkey has ranked from Second in Command to Commander. This week we catch up with CP Army Network’s admin ad interim, F6sixer.

When we first met F6sixer, he was “only” a Second-in-Command of the Rebel Penguin Federation. His army career with the Rebels started in late March of 2019, and within half a year, he had ranked up to Higher Command. Writing posts for the website, and spending hours coding the “Rebel Banker” Bot, F6sixer earned his promotion to Second in Command approximately a year after his enlistment.

Along with his promotion, he earned a spot on RPF’s Hall of Fame at the rank of “RPF Rebel”. F6sixer would then move on to help code and moderate CPPS’ and help RPF sustain their #1 Top Ten streak and Tournament win streak, for example in the Christmas Chaos X. On February 12th, he then followed the footsteps of Cosmo and Crazzy and joined the rank of Rebel Commander with fellow Second in Command Elexonck.

F6sixer’s promotion event

The Rebel Penguin Federation has certainly upheld its’ status in the army scene under his leadership and has consistently ranked in the highest spots of the weekly Top Ten. Aside from his work in RPF, F6sixer also founded the CP Army Network in late May, and currently still acts as the ad interim administrator for the league. His most notable work is of course the collaboration with Commando717 on the CPAN Map, which on its’ own is a coding masterpiece.

CPAN Map on July 21st, 2021

I waddled over to the administrative offices with some fine cups of tea and sat down with the Rebel Commander. What does the future hold for him and the Rebels?


Hey F6! Your army career has certainly been a wild ride in the past half-year, with you becoming an RPF Commander and starting up CPAN. How have you been holding up?

I’m doing good. Being an interim admin in CPAN and RPF leader simultaneously is exciting and challenging. Fortunately, I have good staff members in both CPAN and RPF who help me with the administrative side of things so that I can always focus on the big picture and work to constantly improve both organizations.

We all know that you’re quite a busy guy, do you have any tips to the newer troops on how to manage their time in CPA?

It’s important to know your limits. At the end of the day IRL > CPA so never prioritize an army event/activity over your IRL obligations. Accordingly, be sure to schedule your army related activities such that you always have some time for yourself. If you don’t do this, you’ll find yourself getting burnt out very quickly. Be sure to ask for help if you ever need it and always remember that if you can’t do something, its okay to say no.

:writing_hand: After 27 months in RPF, and finally being able to lead the army, what’s the one piece of advice that you have cherished the most?

Never give up. Just like real life, you’ll have hurdles in CPA but you need to weather them and keep trying regardless of how bad things may seem.

Do you have anything that you wish people to remember you by once you retire from armies? Anything you’re especially proud of?

No offense but I don’t want to be remembered after I retire. I plan to leave all army/cp discords and possibly change my account once I’m done with CPA. I’m proud of the small part I played in reuniting the CPA community after the unfortunate events of January through CPAN and its map.

For the remaining time, what does the future behold for you and RPF?

Keeping up the #1 streak, defending our LC title, winning more tourneys and watching RPF’s community thrive and grow.

Thank you F6, it’s been a pleasure catching up with you (although you do get annoyed by my team 24/7), do you have anything else to add to this interview?

Fight The Good Fight

F6sixer kindly shares his secrets to success in CP armies but reveals that being known for something isn’t what he’s after. Similarly to our first interview, he shows that it is not himself he prioritizes, but the army and the community standing behind him.

What do YOU think? What’s next for the Rebels? What should we have F6 code next? Let us know in the CPAN Discord server!

🌈 Kally

CPA Network Editor

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