Templars-SWAT War || Day 8-9 Recap and Results

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Following the invasions of Ice Shelf, Elevation, and Fiesta; the war between the Templars and SWAT has come to an abrupt end. What occurred to cause this war’s immediate end?

The conflict between the Special Weapons and Tactics and Templars has gone on for more than a week by this point. Invasions have been scheduled between the three time-zones with victories on all ends. Who stood victorious in the final set of invasions?

Invasion of Elevation

Beginning the next series of invasions the battle of Elevation was up first. The start of the battle was no different from the rest of the battles. Templar’s superior entry with faster tactics and cleaner bombs made up a majority of this battle. Along with their speed, they also held the size advantage, ending the battle in a three-room sweep.

Invasion of Fiesta

The battle of Fiesta was unlike the rest of the battles. While the beginning of the battle seemed normal, no one could anticipate the speed from the Special Weapons and Tactics throughout the entirety of the battle.  While the Templars held a massive size advantage; SWAT was able to match almost everything the Templars were doing. The size advantage would end up being the downfall of SWAT, ending the battle in yet another Templar victory.

Templars and SWAT fighting for control of Fiesta; Templar victory.

Invasion of Ice Shelf

The first battle of the day; the invasion of Ice Shelf was the Templar’s first attempt at an AUSIA invasion during the war. The battle opened up on a strange note; both armies being almost entirely equal throughout the first room. With similar sizes and speed, the first room was declared a tie. The second room opened with Templar’s speed and slight size advantage. Along with their speed, the Templars had much faster bombs, assisting them to win room two. The final room was similar to room one. With similar sizes and speed; neither army could be declared the victor of the final room, leaving it as a tie. With the victory in room two, the Templars successfully invaded Ice Shelf.

On Friday, July 16th, the CP Army Network administration released a note regarding the current war status. and the Templars. It was discovered that the Templars had broken multiple CP Army Network rules and infractions. Due to these infractions, the Templars were banned from the CP Army Network, and all Templars were removed from CPAN staff. Their ban from the league ended the war between them and SWAT, declaring the Special Weapon and Tactics the victors of the war. You can read the administrative note regarding the topic here.

The CP Army Network reached out to current SWAT leader Coolguy about the recent victory against the Templars and the plans ahead.

Honestly, the war being over is bitter-sweet in a way, this wasn’t the ending anyone planned; the toxicity that was and obviously still is being put towards us as army leaders, our army and our troops was and still is inexcusable and honestly disgusting. However, we are happy to come out with the win but of course, we have to keep the other things in mind. I can’t say that we have any plans at the moment, however, you will undoubtedly see us back in action and ready to fight another day as we aren’t an army to fade away. As leaders, we’ve helped SWAT through many wars and through tough times and yet we’re still here and we were even still standing strong after the death of Flash. We’re here to stay baby, BLEED BLACK.

While the Special Weapons and Tactics are celebrating their recent victory, the Templars haven’t been so celebritorial. Following the administrative statement, the Templars proceeded to raid army events including SWAT’s and a practice battle between the Smart Penguins and Army of Club Penguin.

Post-war raid of SWAT by Templars


With the war, finally, at an end, we look back at the many battles over the past week. With victories on all ends of the spectrum, and during different time zones, this war is certainly one to remember. What will Templars do now while they are, in a sense, league-less? Who will face off in the next war?

What do YOU think? Did you think SWAT would be victorious in the end? Were your battle predictions correct throughout the war? Tell us YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord server!


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