Origins of the Outfit, featuring the Smart Penguins

CPAN Headquarters, Reporters Lounge – One of the most recognizable parts of armies; uniforms have become a staple within the army community. While each army has a different uniform, their story of creation is different.  This week, we talk with the Smart Penguin’s Panel of Guardians about the origins of their uniform.

The Smart Penguins were originally established in September of 2013 by Vivek and Dinesh. Like other armies, they started out small but soon grew to become the recognizable face they are today. Throughout the original CP era; the Smart Penguins were world-renowned for their incredible AUSIA force. The army would end up winning two titles in 2014; Biggest Rise and the Continental Cup. 

Smart Penguins beating Royal Penguins in SMAC’s 2014 Continental Cup

The original, and most recognizable uniform was created by Astro75114 (otherwise known as Guncotton) in 2013. As their name color suggests; the primary color of the Smart Penguins is red. The entirety of their primary uniform includes different red articles of clothing. Starting with a red baseball cap, you then move on to red sunglasses. Following the sunglasses, the red hockey jersey is next, along with a red guitar. Add your red shoes, and red cape and you’ve successfully made the Smart Penguins uniform.

Smart Penguins’ “Member” uniform!

While we don’t have to worry about CP Memberships in the CPPS era, they did in the 2010s. Most armies had alternate uniforms. The Smart Penguins included other items into their uniform to benefit non-member players. Some of these items include the Puffle Bandana, Red Crown, and Red Bandana.

Smart Penuins’ “Non-Member” uniform

With the many different stories and mysteries each uniform holds, I got a hold of Smart Penguins legend and panel of godfathers member Guncotton to answer a few of my questions!


I want to thank you for letting me ask you a few questions about the Smart Penguin’s uniform! Now, what was the inspiration to make the uniform?

I think I created the modern-day uniform back in 2013 while I was still somewhat new to armies and I noticed that our old uniform (a fire ninja body item and a red crown) didn’t seem as good as that of some of the other armies. I was really impressed by uniforms, WordPress and stuff back then and uniforms seemed to be a big part of armies so I just figured I must make one lol.

Uniforms really are fun to mess with, especially when creating your own! While on the topic of creating the uniform, what’s your favorite part of the uniform?

The red guitar and glasses combination.

The glasses sure are a great addition to the uniform. Now, what makes this uniform so iconic?

The main reason that comes to my mind is that it has been around for a long time and thus became iconic on its own

It has been around for a long time. Did you ever expect the uniform to become as popular as it is when you created it back in 2013?

Not really, I was just messing around with red items trying to incorporate a guitar into the uniform somehow and I shared it on the chat and in DMs of friends. It wasn’t originally supposed to be a uniform but I remember DMing Vivek about my outfit and he seemed to like it and added it on the site. I never thought it would be used as the official uniform of SP

It certainly has made an impact on both the community and the army since you created their iconic uniform! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing looks better in CPA than every single member wearing the proper uniform and not just the colour so make sure you buy all the items before an event

The uniform of the Smart Penguins sure has left an impression upon the community. As Cotton stated, he never expected the uniform to become as iconic or as popular as it did. With the current generation only weeks old, it’ll be interesting to see if the uniform changes once more.

What do YOU think? Is the Smart Penguins uniform an icon within the community? Are there uniforms more interesting than the Smart Penguins? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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