What Would YOU Do: Allies Troop-Stealing

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Sometimes, Club Penguin Armies don’t always go our way. Unexpected incidents happen and we may not always be prepared. So, for the first instalment in over nine months of What Would YOU Do, CP Army Network asks army leaders what they would do if they caught their ally intentionally troop stealing from them.

Troop-stealing is the act of inviting someone who is already in an army to another. It usually happens by accident: when you’re recruiting via an alternate account on a Club Penguin server, but it can also happen intentionally. Intentional troop-stealing is seen as one of the worst crimes there is in the community, and is usually only done between enemies. Today, though, I wanted to find out what people would think or do if they caught their ally – the ones they trust – troop-stealing from them.

The following army leaders were asked:

What would you do if you caught your ally intentionally troop stealing from you?

Kaos, Fire Warriors’ Leader

Well, if it’s a staff/hcom then I’d contact the leader of the said army and expect punishment to be put in place (i.e. demotion) for the offending staff, otherwise I’d cut the alliance. However, if the leader was involved in the troop-stealing I’d instantly end our alliance and depending on the severity of the situation take further action.

Kaliee, Special Weapons and Tactics’ Leader

I mean if they’re our allies, we’d all be pretty close so we would just talk to them about it.

Comedy, Silver Empire’s Leader

Hmm that is a tough one, to be honest. If it’s just a troop or staff member, I would speak to my HCOM first and then bring it up with their leaders to determine what we can do to resolve the issue. Regardless, they would be banned from SE. On the other hand, if the leaders are also engaging, I believe that would indicate the lack of respect they have for our relationship and that would be an entirely different scenario. Of course, we would require proof of anything before actions are taken.

F6sixer, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Leader

If it was just a few members doing it, I’d bring that matter up with the allied army’s leaders and ban said individuals from the RPF discord. However, if we determine that the troop stealing problem is spread among several members of the ally, we’d definitely reconsider our alliance. Fortunately for us, neither of these hypotheticals have ever come true and I hope that they don’t ever come true in the future.

Df44, Smart Penguins’ Leader

The main key is the word intentionally. Depending on their rank within the army, my course of action would be adjusted. This means that if the troopstealer was a lower rank I would approach the leadership and demand an explanation before taking any further action. If it is a leader or any higher rank, I can assure you that the alliance would be at stake. Troopstealing is a complete immoral act and doing it to your allies is even more reprehensible. (I’ve seen wars being declared for less, so who knows what would I do after the whole incident)

Simmonds2000, Golden Troops’ Leader

I would look to act calmly on the matter to start with in order to potentially stopping the situation from getting out of hand. I would organise a meeting in which we would discuss what happened and why it happened. Hopefully, negotiations would go well and would result in an apology for the troop stealing with the promise of stopping in the future. If this was ignored, the allegiance would be scrapped.

As we can see, the general consensus among the army leaders is that troop stealing is wrong and they’d be unhappy about it in general. However if an ally was to the one doing it, questions would start to be raised. I know that as an army leader myself, I would 100% be angry about it. Especially as it has happened to my army in the past. Something interesting that Df44 from Smart Penguins brought up was that “wars [have been] declared for less,” – an approach I didn’t really expect anybody to be bringing up. It makes sense, though, as we’ve seen troop-stealing be the main reason for wars countless times.

My final question to you, though, is what would YOU do if you caught your ally stealing? Let me know in the CPAN Discord – and if you have any suggestions for future instalments of What Would YOU DO, then feel free to bring them up to me!


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