Top Ten Armies [7/11/21-7/17/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- A staggering total of five armies have joined the Top Ten this week, some making their return and others making their first appearance.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [78.18]

2. Ice Warriors [+0] [72.87]

3. Help Force [+0] [66.90]

4. Army of Club Penguin [+1] [66.50]

5. Templars [-1] [66.18]

6. Silver Empire [+1] [45.33]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [44.67]*

8. Water Vikings [NEW!] [43.50]

9. Fire Warriors [-1] [31.25]

10. Smart Penguins [+0] [29.52]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Secret Service [+0] [29.30]

12. Red Ravagers [+1] [28.30]

13. Sea Serpents [+1] [21.50]

14. One Direction Army [NEW!] [19.50]

15. Thunderstruck [+0] [19.00]

16. Golden Troops [-4] [18.83]

17. Post Malone Army [NEW!] [17.00]

18. Bees of Club Penguin [NEW!] [13.75]

18. Underground Mafias Army [NEW!] [12.50]

19. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] [11.00]

20. Crimson Guardians [-3] [10.50]

21. Medieval Warriors [-3] [0.01]*

Click HERE to see the calculations!

SWAT did not report their events for the week and did not have event pictures accessible in their Discord server.  Their calculations for this week are based on events they posted to their website.

The Medieval Warriors were deducted 16.33 points for multilogging because I thought that would be funny.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebels held a total of 9 events this week. Kicking it off with a gala to finish off their retro rebels weekend, a max of 53 was recorded. Next, a dance contest tournament was held with 34 penguins showing off their dancing skills aiming for that number one spot. An invasion of Snow Bank then took place, where the rebels wore outfits that resemble them in real life, peaking at 47 troops online. The Rebels then decided to invade server Yeti with an attendance of 43. Another day, another invasion, this time the server tea was invaded and successfully taken control of by 32 troops. Wearing the Holo DJ costume, a training event was held with 41 DJs sharpening their tactics and formations. An anniversary event, to celebrate one year of the Black Ice Alliance was seen with a peak of 39. The second to last event of the week was a colorful event, where the federation wore red bandannas and waddled around the island, with 34 penguins present. To end the week, an igloo raiding event was seen with 40 troops prepared to raid all the igloos.

2. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors had a fun filled week with a total of 6 events. Starting the week off, they had a mining event maxing 39. Then, they held a practice battle against the Smart Penguins with a total max of 47. Then, they held a Summer Pool Party event with a max total of 32. Next, they held yet another practice battle with the Red Ravagers maxing 34. Then, they held a special 1yr BIA event with the Rebel Penguin Federation with a max total of 46. Finally, they ended the week off with a practice battle against the Help Force maxing 37.

3. Help Force: The Help Force held a total of 5 events this week. To start off the week, 37 helpers grabbed some maracas and invaded Cold Front. Then, they held an AUSIA U-Lead event, dressed up like pizza chefs, maxing 41 penguins online. Next, they went on to invade the server Crunch, reaching a max of 35. The next event was a practice battle against the Smart Penguins, maxing 48. They ended up the week with another practice battle, this time against the Ice Warriors, in which they maxed 45.

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had an eventful week, with 9 events. They started the week with a practice battle against the Help Force’s Blue Squadron, maxing 28. Next, 24 clover defenders logged on for an Operation: Emerald Excavation. Their next event was a practice battle against the Fire Warriors, where they maxed 33. Then, they held an AUSIA event, dressed up as Aunt Arctic, in which 30 penguins attended. Next, 37 troops attended an Operation: Loki. On their next event, the clovers gathered up an AUSIA band and maxed 25. Then, 40 penguins participated in a scavenger hunt event. The next event was a Mission: A Night In Hawaii, in which 33 soldiers attended. They ended their eventful week with a practice battle against the Smart Penguins followed by a Hide and Seek game, maxing 28.

5. Templars: The Templars hosted a total of 9 events this week. They started it out with an AUSIA battle with swat maxing 26. Next, they saw 31 log on for another AUSIA with SWAT. 40 troops logged on for a US battle with swat after that. Then the army saw an EU battle with SWAT max 37. Another AUSIA SWAT battle saw 20 log on. An EU battle VS SWAT maxing 35 followed that. They had a US battle vs SWAT maxing 40. They held yet another AUSIA Battle VS SWAT which saw 26 troops. To end off the week they held a EU battle VS SWAT with a max of 37.

6. Silver Empire: Silver Empire had an action packed week with multiple invasions and fun games with their troops. They started off the week with an invasion of Snow Plow with a hide and seek game afterwards maxing 24. The next day they had 2 events. The first one was an invasion of Flurry with a Concert Best Takeover afterwards maxing 21. Their other event was an invasion of winter land with a Rockout Takeover afterwards maxing 21. 2 days after, they logged on for another invasion with a fun dance contest after which they maxed 21 in. The next 2 days were full of fun. On 16th of July, they logged on to invade Hailstone. After that they had a fun fashion show maxing 25. Lastly, they logged on yesterday for their final invasion of the week Frozen Horizon maxing 19.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT spent their week battling the Templars amidst their raging war.  They first invaded Ice Cold, maxing 22 in the win.  They then invaded Ice Box, where their size ballooned to 36 troops, willing them to victory.  Lastly, the agents invaded Ice Shelf, which resulted in another win with 22 troops.

8. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held one event this week, which happened to be their Return Event which saw a max of 40 troops. Welcome Back WV!

9. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors held a total of 4 events this week, starting with an invasion where they battled ACP, a total of 13 troops were seen fighting the clover army. Then, another invasion, this time with a fishing competition theme, they witnessed 17 warriors online. After this was yet another invasion, where FW was able to gather up a peak of 12. Finally, the last event was set during EU times and saw a max attendance of 17, where they battled against SP.

10. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins have had 5 action packed events this week. Jumping straight into a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors, they peaked at 12 troops online. The next event was another Practice Battle, this one against the Help Force, with a max of 14. Yet another Practice Battle was held, against the Fire Warriors this time with 14 brainiacs present at the battle. Next, an invasion of the server Frigid Water was seen with an attendance of 6. To finish it all off, a hide and seek event against the Army of Club Penguin recorded 10 troops present.

Although many armies joined the rankings this week, sizes trended downwards for the usual players.  The Rebel Penguin Federation, however, held onto 1st place again for the 3rd week in a row, keeping the Ice Warriors and Help Force at bay.  The Army of Club Penguin improved on their disappointing performance in the last edition of the Top Ten, but even then they were only barely able to edge out the Templars.  The return of the Water Vikings is a sign of promise.  Their max of 40 at their opening event instantly propelled them to 8th place, sending down the Fire Warriors.  The Smart Penguins round out the Top Ten with an active week to fend off the bigger-but-less-active Secret Service.
What do you think?  How long can the Rebels hold first?  Will the Medieval Warriors ever stop mulitlogging?  Let us know in the comments below!
CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief
Top Ten Committee
Action, Da Best, DF44, Mchappy, Rach, Todoro

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