Water Ninjas Celebrate 9 Years of Waves

COLD FRONT, Water Ninjas Historic Capital – On the ninth year since the opening of the Water Ninjas, the former leaders of this great army have decided to host a special event to celebrate this milestone.

The Water Ninjas were founded on July 3rd 2012, under the leadership of Jayden1092. This first generation got into trouble quickly, with tensions from two other armies. Unfortunately, this generation ended in a merge due to a tragic defacing of the website. Over six months later, a revival of the army took place, bringing in a new leader from the Hot Sauce Army. This generation marked many conflicts with other armies, losing approximately five wars and winning one against the Snowball Warriors. The army supposedly shut down soon after, leading to the third generation in August 2013. Their first week saw a 10th place on CP Army Central. This generation had many wars, with armies such as ChaosWatex Warriors, and the Underground Mafias Army. This generation also introduced a key leader by the name of Epicorange1, or simply, Orange.

Picture of an early Water Ninjas event

September 2014 saw yet another revival, getting first on Small/Medium Army Central. Even with the first place, however, the army shut down on October 11th. The fifth generation was considered the golden age of the Water Ninjas on the original Club Penguin. This generation saw proud maxes of 30, eventually reaching 5th place on CPAC. At this time, Jodie joined the Water Ninjas. She led the Water Ninjas to 2nd place on CPAC, until she was exposed for multilogging approximately six penguins, the CPAC Special Report can be found by clicking here. Her actions did not go unnoticed, and leading to the other leaders firing her. The army lost 4 points on that Top Ten still, losing the chance of getting first on the top ten for the first time in their history. The army slowly started dying, even with help from leaders like CSY, who currently leads the Army of Club Penguin. However, the fifth generation also died in a defacement.

They tried to come back in 2017, but it was far too late. Almost 3 years later, however, the army was revived as an Ice Warriors colony, with leaders like Firestar08, S Cargo2, and Flav. All these leaders were successful in their previous armies. Unfortunately, they left the army soon after the revival. The Ice Warriors sent some of their own staff to help lead, such as SemiPurple05Kayles, and Icequeen1020. This leadership, as well as help from the Ice Warriors troops, reached maxes in the mid-teens. Soon after, Flav retired, followed by Purple.

This led to the induction of 3 key leaders: KallyDrQueen, and Freedomist. With this came a gradual change in maxes, to the high twenties. The army defeated multiple old and new armies, reaching a high of 6th place in the major rankings of Club Penguin Army Hub. The army was able to beat historic armies such as the Water Vikings and Golden Troops in battle, reaching an overall maximum of 48. With the end of flash and CPArmies.net came the fall of the army, however. The end of this generation saw a happy point though, in the form of HOF inductions of Kally, DrQueen, Icequeen1020, and Freedomist. The army set a new record in Water Ninjas history, marking this as the greatest generation of the army overall.

Water Ninjas maxing 20+ in their anniversary event

The leaders of the latest generation decided to have the Water Ninjas celebrate their 9th generation without a revival, due to most former troops and staff still in the army community. CP Army Network reached out to Water Ninjas legend and former advisor, Orange, for an interview about the Water Ninjas’ celebration.

Interview with Orange

CP Army Network: What do you think was your best moment in all of Water Ninjas history? 

Orange: I’ve had a lot of great moments with the Water Ninjas which included getting into the top five of the major top ten years ago, but my favorite moment would probably when we beat Light Troops for the finals of a tournament or watching us defeat Water Vikings last gen after they spent weeks talking trash and threatening us.

CP Army Network: Do you think the Water Ninjas will ever see the light of day again?

Orange:You never know, obviously anything is possible to happen and maybe one day when the time is right, Water Ninjas will reopen. We shall see. For now though, I am really excited for our 9th Anniversary event!

CP Army Network: How do you feel about the closing of the most recent Water Ninjas generation?

Orange: Obviously it was a difficult decision to make, but after having long talks with the leaders, it was ultimately the right decision. We all loved the Water Ninjas so much, but it is something we needed to do. DrQueen, IceQueen, Kally, and Freedomist were incredible leaders and achieved so much with the Water Ninjas, often outperforming many established armies and I was really happy that they were able to showcase what they can do. I’m glad that I was able to help them grow as leaders and I am really excited for what the future holds for them.

CP Army Network: Thanks for the wonderful interview! Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Orange: Water Ninjas are amazing haha Water Ninjas Water Ninjas Water Ninjas Water Ninjas Water Ninjas Here Comes Water Ninjas! Woo! Yay!

The Water Ninjas have a very good reason to celebrate; the army has seen multiple golden ages, possibly with more to come. Even if the army does not return, the army will always be famous, outperforming many expectations consistently. The former leaders of this army do hope that the army returns when it is right, but know that the anniversary event is enough for now. The Water Ninjas have proven to always be a flood to reckon with, whether alive or not.

What do YOU think? Do YOU think that the Water Ninjas could see a return? Will they ever flood armies again? Let us know what your thoughts are in the CPAN Discord Server!


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