CPAHQ Summer Roadmap 2021

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The most exciting time to be in the community is fast approaching; meaning it is time to announce what we have in store for this summer!

CPAHQ is always striving to introduce new activities for the community to participate in.  We understand that the landscape of armies has evolved and news posts no longer possess the allure they once did.  While media will always be our top priority, the administration is excited to use this summer to experiment all sorts of fun events.  With that being said, we are confident that this summer will be a big one for CPAHQ.  Our staff has worked tirelessly to connect with our audience in an ever-evolving community.  With this communication, we’ve had lengthy discussions as to what we want to achieve this summer.  The first summer for our organization will set a precedent for years to come.  Thus, we’re proud to announce the CPAHQ Summer Roadmap.

Project: Conquest

As announced on May 20th, Project: Conquest is CPAHQ’s headlining event for the summer.  Project: Conquest is a month long competition where armies will compete to won the most servers and be crowned the Grand Conquerors.  This competition features an entirely new map that brings a host of strategical features to the community.  More details on Project: Conquest will be released on May 23rd, with the goal being to launch the competition on June 2nd.

Launch of Judge in Training System

To further our goal of being a place where community members can come and learn how to get involved more, the Head Judges are proud to announce the Judge in Training position!  Not only will JiT help us foster fresh judging talent, but it will also give us a much wider pool of judges as we head into the ‘tournament season’.  For more details, be sure to check out our Judging Guide, which is located on the left sidebar.  The JiT position is live at the release of this post!

Summer Game Nights

CPAHQ Vice Director Vanish will begin hosting Summer Game Nights on Saturdays, starting on June 26th.  Summer Game Nights will utilize multiplayer games to get the community engaged with each other.  From Club Penguin games like hide and seek, to popular games like Among Us, Summer Game Nights will be a time for members to enjoy themselves.  And potentially win a prize while doing so!

Top 30 Leaders in the CPPS Era

When planning out the summer, we wanted to dedicate one month to celebrate the history of armies; both new and old.  Beginning on July 1st (tentative), CPAHQ will debut the teased column of Top 30 Leaders in the CPPS Era.  The army world has looked death in the eye multiple times since the closure of Disney’s Club Penguin.  We feel now is the best time to commemorate leaders throughout the CPPS era of armies.  Expect more details when July rolls around.

S/M Community Classic

So, to continue celebrating army history, CPAHQ will host the S/M Community Classic, a tournament reserved for the Small and Medium armies within the community.  With this tournament, we wanted to pay an homage to both Small Medium Army Central and Small Medium Army Press.  Both websites hosted annual summer tournaments that served as a precursor to the Legends Cup.  The S/M community within armies has been slowly growing this year, so it’s time to give them the chance to show off their skills against each other.  More information on the tournament will be released on Monday, July 5th.

Summer Writing Competition

CPAHQ prides itself on being a place where writers can grow to be their best selves.  To further this focus, on August 4th (tentative), we will launch a writing competition to highlight those with talent that deserves recognition.  The Summer Writing Competition will have three separate stages: a philosophy stage, an editorial stage, and a narrative stage.  The competition will be judged by individuals who have shown a passion for writing, specifically in the above categories.  The community will also be involved, as the works will be published on our website, allowing readers to vote for their favorites.  We encourage anyone who has an interest in any form of writing to participate.  It’s never too early to start building your portfolio and perfecting your skill.

Summer 2021 Legends Inductions

As CPAHQ is on it’s way to becoming a consistent home for the army world, we are proud to begin the process of standardizing the Legends Inductions process.  In the Disney era of armies, inductions were held at multiple points throughout the year, allowing much smaller classes to be inducted- thus preserving the prestige of the Legend title.  This summer, CPAHQ will work in conjunction with three tenured Legends in the community to make the Legends Inductions as transparent as possible.  Kingfunks4, Iceyfeet1234, and Mchappy, will act as the committee heads for this induction.  The board, which is comprised of army legends within the community, will be announced on the CPAHQ website before nominations take place.  Then, CPAHQ will release the nomination form, where the community plays a role in choosing which legends will be inducted.  Finally, CPAHQ will release the results of the inductions.  No date for these inductions has been set, so stay tuned to our website and Discord server for pending information.

CPAHQs Night of Debauchery

The final event of the summer is always what people remember the most.  So what better way to end with an over-the-top celebration?  The Night of Debauchery will include a host of events with the focus of reviewing what transpired over the past 3 months.  Summer awards, community superlatives, and a potential roast of a certain individual are all things to expect from this live event.  It is our hope that this emcee’d event will perfectly encapsulate the summer of 2021 in Club Penguin Armies.  The tentative date for this night is August 27th.

While we have highlighted seven total events, there is so much more we have planned for this summer!  We can’t wait to share it all with you.  Thank you for all of your support; let’s make this summer one to remember.  Make sure to join our Discord server and check our website for all you’ll need to know about CPAHQ’s Summer Roadmap 2021!


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