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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The headquarters recently opened the doors to our general chat in the Discord server, subsequently hiring brand new professionals. This prompted a fresh start for several columns. From finding out some tea about your favorite army legend to a 101 on how to make DMT regret being DiC, these new columns cover a wider range of topics than ever! Let’s take a look at the upcoming columns from our team.

Brought to you by Action every Monday.

Long time reporter Action will be continuing with his popular column ‘Army In Focus’! In this column, he brings to you the hottest army of the week. Whether it be a new contender for the top ten, or an army that recently hogged a lot of the spotlight, you can trust this ardent columnist to ensnare you with his honest words. Will the next feature be your army?


Brought to you by Rach on every Tuesday.

Our new columnist Rach plans on reviving the column ‘The Next Leader’. Every Tuesday, she will bring to you an interesting interview with a famous Second In Command from an army, who is next in line for leadership! From “What’s your favorite memory” to “What are your plans for leading the army”, Rach is here to get you acquainted with the future leaders of the community!


Brought to you by Ferdthebird every Wednesday.

Ferdthebird will continue with his successful column ‘Do You Know Your Comrade?’. On the whole, he reaches out to two people who are close to each other to find out who knows the other one better. Will you and your friend be the next duo he features?



Brought to you by Scorpion Demon every Thursday.

Scorp will continue to publish his column ‘Leaders Lounge’! Here, he reaches out to some of the top army leaders to find out the story behind their leadership. However, what are stories without some tastefully sprinkled anecdotes?! Make sure to check in every Thursday to read the latest features of this column.


Brought to you by DMT, every month on the fourth Friday.

DMT plans on taking a step back with his trending question-based column. This column will now be continued on a monthly rather than a weekly basis. However, there is no need for worry, none of your questions will remain unanswered! Watch out for this column’s release every fourth Friday!


Brought to you by Tea every Saturday.

Relaxing on a Saturday after a busy week? What’s better to read than a column where you get to read some spilt tea! Tea is a newcomer to the column scene, but she’s already hitting it off with a gripping column. She brings to you special interviews that find out some tea about famous personalities of the community! Are you excited for this new column?


Written by the Top Ten Committee and calculated by DMT- published every Sunday


Brought to you by Stevie every Sunday.

Alongside the Top Ten Armies, we also present our new columnist Stevie. He is reviving the column ‘What If’! In this column, he takes a look at some specific moments from army history, placing and analyzing them in an alternate reality. What could be the outcomes he finds? Find out on each Sunday!


Irregular Columns

Brought to you by Superhero123 and Coolster114.

Superhero123 and Coolster114 continue to release their fascinating column ‘Back To The Dawn’! Although it releases on a non-regular basis, you can rest assured that the content of the column will be top quality! Tune in to this column for interesting interviews with the most prominent figures from the history of armies.


CP Army Headquarters presents to you the Army 101 column! In this column, the writer will answer a specific question and explain the basics of the theme for that edition. Between ‘How to start your own army’, ‘What to do in a war’ and ‘How to make DMT regret being DiC‘, we’ll be providing you with hilarious as well as informative posts that help you with your daily army lives!


Coming Soon…

Which of these new columns are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below!

Scorpion Demon

CPA Headquarters Column Manager


CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

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